St Mary of the Hills

Parish Information

Mass Cards There are an assorted Mass Cards at the Book Rack, and a couple of non-Mass Cards for special occasions. Mass Cards must always include a Stipend placed in the collection basket, or given to the Pastor. It is a serious matter for Mass Cards to be sent to others without the Mass being arranged or requested. There are instructions in the Mass cards as to their cost and use.

Weddings $175 ($75 - Celebrant, $50 - PMI Preparation, $50 Parish Expense) (Music is separate)
Funerals $200  ($35 - Celebrant, $15 -  Parish Expense, $75 - Organist, $75 - Cantor) 

(Note: When a visiting priest celebrates, the usual offering is given to the parish, and the visitor is compensated separately.)


Finance Committee
Lisa Abair-Vuona
Tricia Gallo
Ray Lambert
Doug Stairs
David Walling
Chairman: Mark Buhl
Parish Council
Chairman: David Zappone
Secretary: Sharon Furbish

Knights of Columbus
Grand Knight: David Zappone
Women of St. Mary's
President: Mary Pierce
Catholic Youth Council (C.Y.C)
Coffee Shop
The Coffee Shop is open Sunday after the 9:00am Mass, when CCD is in session. All are welcome!

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