St Mary of the Hills

Parish Customs

Kneeling After Mass
There is a long standing Parish custom of kneeling after Mass. This custom stems from pastor, Fr. Michael Shea (1955-1965), who asked people to pray for the most abandoned souls in Purgatory.
The custom calls for parishioners to kneel and say three Hail Marys' after Mass for the most abandoned souls in Purgatory. Parents should instruct their children that this is a time to say a Hail Mary for the dead, for our own and those whom we don't even know.

Bringing Up the Gifts at Offertory Time
The Vatican II change has the procession of Bread and Wine for the Sacrifice as well as the monetary gifts of the people brought to the priest so that the Mass may continue. This symbolic procession teaches us that although our priest is essential to the Eucharist, so too are the offering of the people.

At St. Mary of the Hills, the Eucharistic Ministers ask people to perform this task, and often they ask the families of the person(s) for whom the mass is offered.

There are times when this does not happen, i.e. the Eucharistic Minister did not select anyone, the family asked declined to participate, the persons had not arrived by the time the Mass began.

So, in the absence of gift bears, anyone is invited to bring the gifts forward. In fact, someone needs to perform this task. 

Persons wishing to perform this task are invited to make their request known to the priest or the Eucharistic Minister and every effort will be made to oblige you.

Memorial Fund
In 1987, as the Parish began in earnest to plan for a new church, a Memorial Fund was established to accept donations in memory of deceased parishioners and family members. Over the years, parish families have requested donations to this fund at the time of death. Sometimes the gifts were few and small and sometimes the gifts were many. We thank these families, we remember their dead, and we encourage others to continue the practice.

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