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Dave Hughes, senior coordinator
Community adopts new name, May 2004

Washtenaw Covenant Community has taken the new name Word of Life.  Earlier in the year, the coordinators expressed a strong conviction that the Lord was leading us to set aside our provisional name, Washtenaw Covenant Community, and take this new name that better expresses our mission and identity.  The name is inspired primarily by Philippians 2:15-16, and expresses both continuity with what God called us to be in the past (a sense of needing to be a witness, a ‘word’, and to have a clear association with Jesus the Word), and emphasizes what God is doing with us today (calling us to be a light to the current generation and both to “hold fast ” [RSV] and to “hold out” [NIV] the Word of Life).  In April, after a careful process of prayer, Scripture study, and seeking the Lord, the community members voted to adopt the new name.  May God grant us his strength to live up to the great name he has given us!

In the same consultation, we re-elected Dave Hughes to a second term as senior coordinator by a nearly unanimous vote.  Dave has done a tremendous job in his first term and we are blessed to have him leading us into this new stage of our community life.

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