Prayer for God's People

( This prayer has four topics: the restoration of Christian truth, holiness of life, unity, and witness.  In this prayer we identify with the sin and infidelity of God's people, even as Daniel (Dan. 9:5-11,20) and Nehemiah (Neh. 1:4-7) identified themselves with the transgressions of Israel.  God relates to his people as a body.  We stand before him in prayer not only as individuals, but also as representatives of his church.  We may not have sinned personally in the ways mentioned in this prayer, but we have suffered personally from the effects of these sins, and we will all benefit greatly as God wipes them away.)
Father we come to you grieving and mourning on behalf of your people, of which we am a part. We see that your people are weak, divided and confused. They are held in contempt by those who are not your people.
We grieve to see your name dishonored on account of us.

We grieve because the body of your Son is broken by the disagreements and lack of brotherly love among those who bear your name.

We grieve because false teaching abounds and because many of your children have been caused to stumble, and many others are weak and many don't know their right hand from their left.

We grieve because in many places around us wicked men rule and oppress your people, speaking falsely against them, killing some of our brothers and sisters and persecuting many others.

We know these evils have come upon us not only because of the malice of your Enemy - for he can do nothing unless you allow it, but because of the sin of your people.

Lord have mercy upon us, and pardon our sin for it is great.

Amen! Lord have mercy.

Lord, unite your people in brotherly love and in your truth, that the body of your Son may be whole again.
Amen! Lord have mercy.
Lord, punish the enemies of your people and expose their plots, bring to repentance your sons and daughters who have erred, strengthen the weak, and enlighten those who are confused, that they may discern the way of truth and reject the deceits of Satan.
Amen! Lord have mercy.
Lord, encourage and strengthen by the presence of your Spirit all who are suffering for their faithfulness to you. May they bless those who curse them, love those who hate them, and forgive those who harm them, as your Son sought forgiveness for those who killed him. May their persecutors be converted like the centurion at the cross and like Saul of Tarsus.
Amen! Lord have mercy.
Lord, restore your people, for the sake of your great name. May your people be without spot or blemish, and ready for your return!
Amen! Come Lord Jesus!

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