Christian Soldiers

an early church hymn
Christian soldiers in the conflict!  
Bear the banner of the cross;  
Rich reward shall crown the victor,  
More than recompense for loss.  
Not with paltry palms that wither  
Shall the brow be gaily crowned;  
But with light that shines eternal,  
And with heav'nly joy renowned.  

Yours are mansions fair and comely,  
There your souls in bliss shall rest;  
Stars shall sparkle in their radiance  
On the pathway of the blest.  
Earthly joys are faint and fleeting,  
Earthly favors quickly fade;  
Heav'nward lift your eyes, especting  
There your true reward is laid.  

God be praised, who crowns the victor;  
Christ be praised, who saves from sin;  
Equal praise to God the Spirit,  
By whose aid we fight and win.

translation by John Brownlie
music (c) 1985 by Stacy Whitfield

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