The Vultures and the Carcass

Scripture:  Luke 17:37    (Matthew 24:28)

37 And they said to him, "Where, Lord?" He said to them, "Where the body is, there the eagles (also translated vultures) will be gathered together."

Meditation: What can nature teach us about the judgments of God? Jesus quoted a familiar proverb to his audience: Where the body is, there the eagles (or vultures) will be gathered together. Eagles, like vultures, are attracted to carrion.  The Book of Job describes the eagle spying out its prey from afar (Job 39:29).  What's the point of this analogy?  It's  inevitable that a thing will happen when the necessary conditions are fulfilled.  The return of the Lord is certain, but the time is unknown. The Lord's judgment comes swiftly and often unexpectedly.  Jesus warns his listeners to not be caught off guard when that day arrives (see Luke 17:26-37). It will surely come in God's good time! Those whose hope is firmly anchored in heaven will not be disappointed when God's judgment comes. They rejoice even now that they will see the Lord in his glory! Is your hope firmly placed in God and his kingdom?

"Lord Jesus Christ , you are my hope and salvation.  Help me to never lose sight of the goal of heaven and give me fresh joy and zeal to live each day for your kingdom."

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