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Brotherhood Park in Gaza
A park for Gaza's children, called Brotherhood Park, is being built near a refugee camp and the seacoast. This meets a great need to give children a more sheltered place to play away from traffic along the seacoast.  A Catholic couple from the States who visited Gaza and other Palestinian towns decided to make a generous donation to the Pontifical Mission for the building of three parks catering for Palestinian mothers with their children. Each park is managed by the respective city municipality.  Family Park is located in Ramallah, the Marie Dotty Park in Bethlehem, and the Brotherhood Park in Gaza City. 
This park is being built in Gaza City close to a refugee camp and the seacoast.

Fr. Guido Gockel & Fr. Charlie Miller, from the Pontifical Mission consult with contractor.

Children's playlot in sandboxes

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View of fountain from the roof of the cafeteria

Pergulas offers shade along the park's sidewalks
View of basketball court
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