The Fatherhood of God

The Foundation Stone of the Soul

by Cyril of Jerusalem, 4th century

 Let the truth of God sink into your soul to be its foundation stone. God is One, without beginning and without change. There was no one before him who caused him to be, and he will not have anyone after him. He has not had a beginning and he will not ever have an end. He is good and just.

 God is One and he has created souls and bodies, heaven and earth.

 He is the maker of everything, yet the Father of an only Son before time began: our Lord Jesus Christ through whom he has made all things visible and invisible. God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is not restricted to any one place: not even the heavens can contain him. On the contrary, the heavens are the work of his fingers and it is he who holds the universe in his hands. He is in everything and yet also beyond everything.

 Do not imagine that the sun can shine more brightly than he or be as great as he. It was God who created the sun and therefore he is proportionately more magnificent and more brilliant.

 He knows what will happen in the future. He is more powerful than anyone. He knows everything and does everything in accordance with his own will. He is not subject to the vicissitudes of time; he does not depend on others; he is not the victim of destiny. He is perfect in everything and possesses all the virtues in their fullness. He it is who has prepared a crown for the righteous.

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