A Statement of Vision

DCO is an ecumenical Christian community whose members live and work in Detroit with the goal of serving Godís people there and promoting greater understanding, respect and cooperation. Building relationships is therefore integral to our mission. We seek to network as much as possible with existing organizations and ministries, and to find ways of serving them that are mutually beneficial. We work also to build bridges between the city and surrounding communities in order to encourage greater cooperation across urban and racial lines.

Within this context of being a servant community among Godís people, our primary mission is two-fold:

1.   To be a community together and to share with others the benefits of Christian community.

DCO members share a way of life together that includes elements such as prayer, Bible study, small groups and social activities, all motivated by the conviction that we are brothers and sisters in Christ. We share this unity even while coming from a variety of denominational backgrounds and while seeking to remain faithful members of our individual churches. Our community life provides members essential support in pursuing mature, healthy lives of devotion to God and service to others. We believe our life together as a community is one of our primary gifts, and so we wish to share this treasure as much as we can with others in Detroit who have a desire for it. We especially want to do so with people from our neighborhood,1 our churches, and the various organizations and ministries in Detroit with whom we work.2

2.   To serve Detroit youth and their families.

Members of DCO are actively involved in outreach to youth. Evangelism, character formation and leadership training are key components of this outreach. We seek to help young people develop a relationship with Jesus Christ, to grow in maturity, confidence and responsibility, and to embrace the call of Jesus to serve others.

DCO has a particularly close working relationship with Detroit Summer Outreach, a youth service organization that equips young people to be Christ-like leaders who make a difference both within and beyond their own culture and environment. Members of DCO helped to develop Detroit Summer Outreach and continue to provide its main leadership resources.

Some DCO members also serve Detroit youth as teachers at Cornerstone School and Wayne State University. In addition, DCO aims to serve individuals and families by assisting with works of mercy, chiefly through neighborly service and the distribution of alms.
1 The Woodbridge District located near the main campus of Wayne State University.
2 Some of the organizations with which DCO has worked closely thus far are Cornerstone Schools Associ ation, Highland Park Community Outreach, Greater Works Family Ministries, the Missionaries of Charity,  Think Detroit, and a number of local churches

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