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Being Rooted Together in God's Word
by Jeanne Kun

I have taken root in a privileged people, in the Lord's property, in his inheritance.  (Ecclesiasticus 24:12)
For the past thirty years my life has been rooted in this people, a people among whom I have found a home. It has also been among this people that I have put roots down more and more deeply in God's word, making my home in it and letting it find a home in me. I often think of this as "making God's word my own" - not only reading Scripture, but taking in God's word in all the ways it comes to us, loving it, embracing it, pondering it, allowing myself to be molded and taught by it, obeying it, speaking it and sharing it with others, holding it in the front of my mind. And in the community I have been surrounded by brothers and sisters trying, together, to make God's word "our own"-our guide, our way of thinking, our way of life. Over the years, gradually but steadily, it has been shaping us, building us up, transforming us, taking deeper and deeper root in us. Let's continue to allow God's word to  "find, in all its richness, a home with us" (Colossians 3:16, JB).
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Jeanne Kun writes for various scripture publications, including The Word Among Us.  See other articles and art work by Jeanne on the following web pages. 

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