Please add the following intentions to your prayers:


Marie Walburn, ATW Chaplain Monsignor Maurice O'Connell's sister and ATW Consulter Mary Pearson's mother, passed away on April 22.  She was also a divorced Catholic and SDC member and participated in many ministry activities with her brother and daughter.  Please pray that the Lord and His angels stay close and comfort her family.

Long time SDC member and Deacon Joseph Interlandi passed away April 4 at Charlotte Hall Veteran's Home, Charlotte Hall, Maryland.  Please pray that the Lord bears up his family in their time of grief.

Julius Pellegrino died on March 15 in South Carolina. Both he and his wife, Cecilia Stork Pellegrino, were members of SDC and both received the Jacob's Award for their service over many years and in many positions in this ministry. Pray that the Lord comforts Cecilia and all of Julius' family at this time of loss.

Please pray for the family of Jane Parvis, who died in February 19.  Jane had long been a faithful attendee at Home Masses and Retreats and served as the ministry contact for Bereavement or Illness.  Pray for her son, Larry and all of her family of 9 living Children, 13 Grandchildren and 10 Great Grandchildren as they mourn her passing.

Please pray that Pope Francis, Cardinal Donald Wuerl and all bishops and clergy are filled with the same compassion in ministering to the separated and divorced that Our Lord felt for the woman at the well when he founded our ministry.

Please pray for all of the separated and divorced who are unemployed, that they may find work that fully utilizes their skills and justly compensates them.

Pray that all children, especially those bereaved children out there, that have suffered the loss of a parent and also a step-parent by divorce, will heal from their grief and their loss of love. May God grant their parents the wisdom to always put the feelings of their children and their futures first.

Please pray that those of us who are separated and divorced are able find the compassion necessary in our hearts to forgive our spouses and ourselves for the rending of our homes and families.

Please pray for all widowed and for their children.  May God give them the strength to deal with the unexpected loss of their beloved spouses and remind them of His love and special compassion for them and their children.

Please pray especially for all of our Service men and women overseas who are going through the added trial of separation and divorce that the Lord may bring them comfort and that they may find understanding and compassionate friends.

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