Called To Life



Praise the Lord of Life who calls all life to Life.

Who from the beginning called life from the void;

Out of nothingness, a great explosion of possibility

Unfolding through the ages into tomorrow.


From our mothers’ wombs you call us,

Through childhood’s exploring and youth’s awakening

To discover life ever more fully;

To grow in strength, wisdom, and grace.


And through those most dear you challenge most intensely;

Calling us to love beyond feeling, to care through tears;

To reach further than we’ve reached before,

So that even in loss we grow.


And when we stand broken and uncertain of step,

Lord, you call us again to life,

Summoning hope from wounded spirits

As you draw forth green shoots from the volcano’s ash.


For in each death is the path to resurrection;

In each loss of yesterday the seed of tomorrow.

Praise the Lord of Life, who calls all life to Life!


                  Joan Pahl Morris


“Called to Life” appeared in the November, 2005 SDC Newsletter

     Joan was called from this life to New Life in June of 2007


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