Mission: To gather people from many lands and cultures and unite them in the love of Christ

January bulletins.

Religious Education: Classes resume on Sunday, January 25, 2015 at 11:00 AM. Meeting with 1st communion candidates and their parents in the Colonial Room after the 12:30 PM Mass.

Educación Religiosa: Las clases se reanudarán el Domingo, 25 de Enero 2015 a las 11:00 AM.   Segundo encuentro para los padres de los niños de primera comunión  en el Salón Colonial después de la Santa Misa de las 12:30 PM.

CATECHESIS 101:  A course of Faith Foundation “Catechesis 101" is going on every Thursday until Feb. 12, 2015, from 7:30pm to 9:30pm at Christ the King Church.  The instructor is Edward Kent and the cost is $ 29. For more information call 301-589-8616.

MORALIDAD CRISTIANA: Nuestra parroquia Christ the King ofrece el curso Fundamentos de Fe  “Moralidad Cristiana” cada jueves, de 7:30pm a 9:30pm. El instructor es el Padre Ettore Ferrario y el costo general es de $29. Para mas información llame al 301-589-8616.

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION:  Feast of the Epiphanyepiphany

Following the tradition of our religious education program, we celebrated with a party for the children on January 4, 2015 at 10:30 am in the beautifully decorated Colonial Room.  Fr. Ettore Ferrario welcomed the children and their parents and opened the program with the Angelus Prayer.  Fr. Roberto Amoruso played the guitar and led the singing of Go Tell It On the Mountains and Campana Sobre Campana and a student read the Gospel.  Fr. Ettore quizzed the children about the Feast of the Epiphany and the children who answered  correctly were awarded the honor of dressing as Mary, Joseph, and the Magi.  The other children donned angel, shepherd, and field animal costumes.   There were many arts and crafts activities provided for the children - creating three kings stick figures, drawing and coloring animal figures, creating a wall mural on the stage, singing, and music. Then Mary with baby Jesus in her arms and Joseph walked to the manger. The shepherds, angels, animals, and the Magi bearing their gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh processed to the manger where the baby Jesus lay.  Fr. Jose came down after celebrating the 10:30 am Mass in the Church and thanked everyone. The children picked up their goody bags filled with candy before going to the 12:30 pm Mass.  More Photos


RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) is a program for adults who have never been baptized, those who have been baptized in other faith traditions, those who have not completed the sacraments of initiation, usually confirmation, those who have been away for a long time who would like to be updated on Church teaching, and Catholics in full communion who would just like to learn more about their  faith.  Our  parish will be offering these classes from September 2014 to  June 2015.  If you are interested, please fill out the
 survey form placed at the vestibule of the church or online  and drop them at the office or the offertory  basket.  Online Form.

RICA (Rito de iniciación cristiana para adultos) es un programa para los adultos que no han sido bautizados, los  bautizados en otras tradiciones de fe, los que no han  completado los sacramentos de iniciación, por lo general la confirmación, los que han estado alejados por mucho tiempo  y les gustaría recibir información actualizada sobre la  enseñanza de la Iglesia y los católicos en comunión que  les gustaría aprender más sobre su fe.  Nuestra  parroquia estará ofreciendo estas clases desde Septiembre  2014 a Junio 2015. Si usted está interesado, por favor  complete el formulario de encuesta que se encuentra en el
 atrio de la iglesia o en nuestra página Web y déjelo en la  oficina o en el básquet de la limosna. Formulario En linea.

** Youth Group for High School Students - every Friday from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Join Fr. José Cortes, Fr. Ettore Ferrario, and your peers for a moment of catechesis, dialogue, games, movies, and more. Call the rectory 301-589-8616 or email christ.the.king.church.md@gmail.com.

Religious Education Family Potluck:  On Sunday,  December 21 at 1:30 P.M., families in the religious education program gathered in the Colonial Room to dine on panes con pollo, beef stew, tamales, and other delicacies prepared by volunteer chefs, parents, and friends.  The luncheon was the 2nd in a series of luncheons for the religious education program. (Photos)

FESTIVAL OF LESSONS AND CAROLS:  On Sunday,  December 21 at 4:00 P.M., a Christmas concert was held at Christ the King - a service of Scripture and song that dates to the late 19th century.  There were nine Scripture lessons which recounted the Fall, the promise of a Messiah, the Incarnation, and the Great Commission to preach the Good News.  Each lesson was followed by a carol or other song that reflected on the lesson's message and a brief prayer.  (More)

Requiem in C minor Concert: Nov. 16    (More)


Retreat of Confirmation Candidates :  The confirmation candidates attended a spiritual retreat to prepare to receive the sacrament of Confirmation and be sealed by the Holy Spirit. The retreat, led by Father Roberto and Fr. Ettore was held at the Franciscan Monastery on Saturday, November 15, 2014. The candidates participated in a discussion about Catechism, the Holy Bible, the sacraments, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit among others and spent time in the chapel for sacred adoration, prayer, and meditation. They prayed the rosary while walking through the monastery garden and took a pause at the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes. After receiving  the sacrament of reconciliation, they took a tour of the monastery. 



Please pray for the candidates  who received the sacrament of  confirmation on Nov. 23, 2014.  May they be filled with the Holy Spirit to spread the Gospel and serve others. 

Halloween Fundraiser Dinner: Thanks to all who supported this fundraiser.  It was a huge success and lots of fun!!!  Guess who this character is.

More  Photos


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gg Giovanni Gemmani who has been helping the priests at CTK  returns to the seminary in Rome to finish his studies.  A Bon Voyage gathering was held in the Rectory after the Mass on July 8.   Photos

First Communion - May 11, 2014fc

Crowning of Mary - To celebrate the culmination of Religious Education classes, the children had an ice cream party and joined in the praying of the rosary to honor Mary in front of her statue.  Some first communicants led the rosary which was recited in English, Spanish, and Tagalog.


More photos here.

Easter Triduum  - The parish's Holy Thursday liturgy commemorated the Last Supper. As a symbol of humility of service,  Fr. Roberto Amoruso washed the feet of several parishioners. On Good Friday,  the passion was read and the Cross was brought to  the altar front where parishioners kissed it.  After the service,  Fr. Roberto led the Stations of the Cross outdoors. Parishioners meditated the suffering of Jesus Christ at each of the 14 stations that were placed on the church grounds.   On Saturday evening, the church lights were out and a fire was lit outdoors  in front of the church.  Candles were distributed to the people and    everyone gathered around the fire.  Fr. José Cortes, assisted by priests from the FSCB, the deacon and several altar servers, blessed the fire and the Paschal Candle.  Fr. José lit the Paschal Candle from the fire and the people lit their candles from the Paschal Candle. Deacon Michele Benetti processed the Candle through the church lifting it three times while he sang Lumen Christi.  Then the people processed to the pews. The deacon sang the Exsultet and the readings were read in English, Spanish, and Tagalog.   The lights in the church were turned on and the Gloria was sung accompanied by the organ and bells. After the Epistle and the Gospel were read and  the homily was delivered by Fr. José in English and Spanish,  the Baptismal Liturgy commenced.

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