The Tanzania Catholic Secretariat 1994 - 2000

The Tanzania Episcopal Conference founded in 1956 is governed by the plenary co the bishops under its president who together with members of his executive, 'the Permanent Council' are elected every three years. While the plenary that has one ordinary session a year decides on policy issues, executive matters are decided upon by the Permanent Council composed by chairmen of the different departments.

The day to day running is under the catholic Secretariat staff. The Catholic Secretariat of the Tanzania Episcopal Conference is headed by the Secretary General helped by 9 Executive Secretaries heading departments. There are also a number of supportive offices that are directly under the Secretary General. This is the team that worked till July 2000

President of the Conference: Bishop Justin Samba

Secretary General: Rev. Fr. Method Kilaini (PhD)

Office Manager: Mrs. Mary Hokororo

Finance and Operations Department:

Chairman: Polycarp Cardinal Pengo

Executive Secretary: Mrs. Jean Mary Hayuma (CPA)

Pastoral Department:

Chairman: Bishop Amedeus Msarikie

Executive Secretary Rev. Fr. Theobald Kyambo (Dip. Man. Stud)

Communications Department:

Chairman: Bishop Antony Banzi

Executive Secretary Rev. Fr. Nobert Kija (Dip. Jonalism)

Catechetical Department:

Chairman: Bishop Telesphor Mkude

Executive Secretary: Sr. Claudia Mashambo (Dip. Theology)

Liturgy Department:

Chairman: Bishop Tarcisius Ngalalekumtwa

Executive Secretary: Rev. Fr. Julian Kangalawe (STL)

Education and Seminaries Department:

Chairman: Archbishop Nobert Mtega

Executive Secretary: Rev. Fr. Elias Msemwa (Dip. Educ)

Lay Apostolate Department:

Chairman: Bishop Magnus Mwalunyungu

Executive Secretary: Rev. Fr. Nicolaus Segeja (PhD)

Health Department:

Chairman: Bishop Aloysius Balina

Executive Secretary: Dr. Alban Hokororo (MedM)

Caritas Department:

Chairman: Bishop Agapitus Ndorobo

Executive Secretary: Mr. Clement Rweramira (Dip. Soc. Serv)


Canon Law Commission :

Chairman: Bishop Severine Niwemugizi

Secretary: Rev. Fr. Augustine Mringi (PhD)

Ecumenical Commission:

Chairman: Bishop Bruno Ngonyani

Secretary: Rev. Fr. Godfrey Riddle (MA)

Commission of Justice and Peace

Chairman: Bishop Paul Ruzoka

Secretary: Rev. Fr. Vic Missiaen (MA. Econ)

Commission of Consecrated Life and Apostolic Life Community:

Chairman: Bishop Nestor Timanywa

Secretary: Sr. Fides Mahunja (Dip. Manag)

Commission of Evangelisation

Chairman: Bishop Agostino Shao

Secretary: Rev. Fr. Alphonce Ndekimo (STL)

Commission of Armed Forces

Chairman: Bishop Mathew Shija

Commission of Migrant and Itinerant Peoples:

Chairman: Bishop Gabriel Mmole


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