Resurrection of Our Lord Church

3900 Meramec St.St. Louis, MO 63116832-7023
Rev. Rev. Peter De Ta Vo, SVD

Resurrection Church is happy to welcome you to our Home Page! You are visitor number to our site. There is so much going on here, hypertext is the only way to get it across!! We hope many of our thousands of alumni throughout the country will see us here. In addition, many former parishoners throughout the St. Louis area may enjoy checking in here to see what's happening. We'll let you know of upcoming parish events, and offer services like connnecting your class in a mailing list and help with reunions. And to anyone just browsing, welcome! You can send us a message by clicking on the mail icon above. You can click on the indicated areas for more; if an area is not yet developed, it will be shortly. RESURRECTION is indeed going strong!

Our magnificent modern church continues to serve us well. Professor Mumford of Washington University's School of Architecture recently wrote me calling it "your amazing and beautiful church." We can share more with you about its architectural significance in times to come. The beautiful tower, 130 feet high, was recently relit so it stands out above the surrounding neighborhood each night.

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