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May 2006

In Attendance:               

Sr. Tere, Linda Lussier, Nikki Arrington, Emily Froeba, Jason Froeba, Anne Marie Froeba, Connie Bowie, Bo Turner, TiAnna Alford, Father Mike Pendegraft, Anne McGaugh.



The meeting began with a prayer led by Anne



Nikki asked those present that are students in the CMD program if they want to get together over the summer to do homework together.  If you do, please contact Elisa Wern.




Emily distributed brochures about the service opportunity offered to high school students.  The one conflict is that it is scheduled during the Diocesan Youth Leader program.  The other concern is that there are maximum space allowances.  So, register early.    Registration will close when it has reached capacity and a waiting list will be formed.  This program is not a “drop off” ministry.  Youth must be accompanied by an adult chaperone from their parish.  For more information, please contact Emily Froeba.




Anne thanked those that contributed their time, talent and financial contributions to make this tournament a success.  The final amount cannot be disclosed yet, because we still have an outstanding bill and donations.  The fruits of this tournament cannot be under estimated, the camaraderie of the youth ministers and volunteers are immeasurable.  Overall it was a fantastic experience. 




This summer the “Jacksonville Area” will again sponsor Theology on Tap.  These sessions will be held at Mudville Grille on Beach blvd. the first Friday of June, July and August.  The first session the topic is “The DaVinci Code”.  The hope is to expand Theology on Tap to the Gainesville Deanery in the fall or early spring.  There is also a young adult retreat June 30-July 2 at Camp Kalaqua (sp).  Registration forms will be available soon.  This retreat is open to anyone age 20 –39 in the diocese.




The Diocese is once again sponsoring Youth Leader, a leadership development program for high school students July 16-21 at Marywood. All parishes are encouraged to promote and attend this event.  Youth are permitted to participate one time in this learning opportunity.  Ideally the program is for rising Soph., Jr.’s and Sr.’s in high school.  Please contact Anne for more information.




Sr. Tere reported that there are 10 representatives from the diocese who will meet in South Bend, IN with approximately 5,000 representatives from all over the US.  This program began with parish initiative and participation with youth and young adults and progressed to a Diocesan wide program fro youth and young adults to the Regional Encuentro for Young adults.  Initiatives are discussed and prioritized among the participants. 




Each parish was asked to contribute an article for consideration to be published in the first dedicated youth issue.  The deadline for this is May 10.



April 2006



April 4, 2006




Meeting for HS retreat – we discussed changes in the format of this weekend.  We will now be starting Sat morning, 9am, finishing Sunday morning after 11:30am Mass. 


More details forthcoming.  The updated retreat registration form and flyer will be available on the website. 


We welcomed Linda Lussier ( email)  to our group!  She is working on youth ministry at St. Phillip Neri in Hawthorne. 


Diocesian update from Anne





Event information


YM retreat – did not occur due to lack of registration







Youth Rally


RETREAT ministry


Youth Council


We had some conversation about using college frosh and soph as helpers for middle school, and the importance of ensuring some separate ministry time for new high school graduates before involving them in ministry with high school kids, their peers  


Concerns about bus scheduling through St Pat’s – Nikki is working on getting the system streamlined


Steubenville Trip



Real World


Next Meeting

MAY 9th in Mayo, at Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Contact Sr Tere if you need directions...Her email address is

MARCH 2006

GAYLE AGENDA for upcoming meeting


A couple big things on the agenda...

1.  Emily had her baby, she's beautiful, mom and dad and baby are great!

2.  The high school youth rally report.  Good, bad, and suggestions.

3.  News from Anne

4.  Planning team and meeting date for the high school retreat.

5. Updated Flyer for the high school retreat

6.  Resource List

7.  Website

8.  Youth ministry access

9.  Set meeting dates for the fall.  (Yes I know it is not yet May, but...I'd like to at least get the DATES down, so bring your calendars...)

10.  Parish reports...

11.  Anything else...(including CMD discussions)

12.  Emily – change of date for real world, and need for chaperones  


Topics for Discussion


Parish News

Retreat  Vocations

Jr High /Sr. High February 25,26

St Pat’s buses are reserved - meet at St Patrick's at 8:30am.


Souper Bowl of Caring

Anne shared that you can use monies for parish level activities

CMD weekend March 4-5,2006

Steubenville South



  Dates for July 11-15th, 2006



Diocesan Events-Anne

Location of March meeting  March 13th in Chiefland

Directions: Take Newberry Road to Trenton, past Newberry.  At the light where there is a capital city bak and HItchcock's, turn Left - 129.  Take this road to Chiefland. 

From Google Maps

Head west from W Newberry Rd. go 0.9 mi

Turn left at SW 34th St - go 1.6 mi
Turn right at SR-24 W - go 1.1 mi
Continue on SW Archer Rd - go 6.7 mi
Continue on SW Archer Rd - go 5.8 mi
Continue on SR-24 - go 6.8 mi
Turn right at US-27-ALT - go 9.0 mi
Continue on US-27-ALT N - go 3.9 mi
Make a U-turn at US-27-ALT S - go 0.3 mi



November, 2004

We held a joint meeting at St. Catherine's in Orange Park, FL.  In attendance representing GAYLE were:

         Barbara Fleury, Holy Faith, Gainesville

         Bo Turner, St. Madeline's, High Springs

         Emily Froeba, St. Augustine's, Gainesville

         Ronnie Jordan, Holy Family, Williston

         Elisa Wern, Chair, GAYLE


I.  Prayer/Introduction.

II.  Souperbowl of Caring:  Emily Hegg, Jacksonville Director shared a Video providing an overview of the program.  She also distributed packets with additional information including a letter-listing Bishop Galeone as an “advocate.” A show of hands demonstrated that this project is already a successful youth activity within many of our parishes. 

Youth programs can register on line and/or call 904 288 8414 (800 358 7687).  We are trying to monitor which of our parishes participate, as well as, how much is collected locally.

This year there is a recommendation that money can remain within the parish with the St. Vincent de Paul Society.  

Copies of the video are available on loan from the OCF. Some packets are also available or could be obtained from Emily.

III. Certificate Program: currently we have 21 registered for the program to begin in January.  Once all registrations are collected we will be able to determine scholarships.   The calendar for 2006 is being established.  Onie asked that youth ministers let her know ASAP “blackout dates” to avoid in scheduling the weekends.

IV.  CMD Youth Leader: July 17-21, 2005 at Camp St. John.  Onie and others mentioned the importance of teams attending together so as to foster the linkage back to the parish. The costs look that they will be approximately $250. 

V.  National Catholic Youth Conference: October 27-30, 2005 Atlanta. Onie distributed an explanation flyer (attached) providing an overview of the fees/expectations as well as encouraging the viewing of the promotional video on the website (www.

VI.  National Evangelization Teams: (www.

March 10 to 20, 2005 Onie has contacted interested parishes and indicated the following schedule:

                                    March 11/12                    San Juan del Rio

                                    March 13                         St. Catherine Confirmation  8/9 graders

                                    March 15                         St. Pius School

                                    March 16                         Holy Family/San Jose High School

                                    March 17                        St. Matthew 5-9 p.m. Junior High

                                    March 18                         St. Elizabeth Ann Seton  Middle School

                                    March 19       GAYLE @ St. Patrick's

N.B. All sessions but San Juan del Rio are opened to parishes.  Contact youth minister at specific parish.   

VII.  Youth Rally: Onie contacted Mary Ann, chair, who has been in contact with speakers etc.  The tentative date will be in February 2006. We are looking toward a presenter who could address Saturday (Junior High) and Sunday (Senior High). Possible names that one or other person recommended were:   Father Stan Fortuna, Ralph Poyo, and Jason Evert.  A suggestion was made to have a Friday evening for young adults.  Location: Bishop John J. Snyder High School or somewhere in Gainesville. 

VIII.  Golf Tournament: March 28, 2005 two committees will operate, golfers and youth ministers with donations/day of assistance.  Details will be forthcoming once the committee meets in December.

IX.  Florida Conference of Diocesan Directors of Youth Ministry: Onie mentioned that the province is planning a Catholic Youth Day April 9, 2005 at the Island of Adventure.  The Youth Office needs to purchase tickets and sell to parishes: $38 youth and $44 adults. 


NEXT Meeting:    December 6, 2004      GAYLE @ Home of Nikki Arrington (

                               December 14, 2004    Advent Retreat at Marywood (contact Diocesian office if interested)