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Respect Life Poster Contest Information



January 2005

Respect Life

Poster Essay Contest

Theme:                           Made In His Image    


Time Line:                      January 1, 2005 - January 31, 2005


Category & Grade Level


                                          Poster   Only                    Grade K-1        Level I

                                          Poster   Only                    Grade 2-3         Level II

                                          Poster   Only                    Grade 4-5         Level III

                                          Poster or Essay            Grade 6-8         Level IV

                                          Computer Graphics      Grade 6-8         Level V



Purpose:                       To provide school age children with an opportunity to learn about the sacredness of human life.


Parish Contest:            Parish entries judged to select winning entry(s) per level.(Four Levels).
                                    February 1-14, 2005.  Each school or Formation Program entering the
                                    contest  should provide the entire grade or class with an  opportunity
                                    to learn about the sacredness of human life.

Winning Entries:


                                        Each school or Formation Program selects ONE winning entry at

                                           each category (poster or essay).  There should be recognition at the

                                           parish level.  Parish winning entries should be sent to the Diocesan Respect

                                           Life Office by February 28, 2005.

                                           Parish winners will then be judged by the Diocesan Judging Committee. 


                                    Schools and Formation Programs will be judged separately.
The contest focus is on the sanctity of human life.  Please discourage entries, which focus on other issues such as: the environment, animal rights, or substance abuse.  


Poster entries may be in paint, drawing markers, pen & ink or crayons.  COMPUTER DRAWN IMAGES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED (except in computer graphics category described below).  Poster board or drawing paper may be used.  Minimum size is 8 ½ inches by 11 inches, and should NOT exceed 12 by 14.  PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ENTRIES ON FULL SIZE POSTER BOARD.      


Computer Graphics Category is for groups not a classroom and for three or more students within the same grade. This category provides a teaching opportunity for cross curriculum education in art, religion, science and language arts on LIFE issues.  Computer images will be accepted only in this category. Category is restricted to Grades 6-8, Level V.  Only one winning entry per grade should be sent to the Diocesan Respect Life Office for the Diocesan Judging Committee.


Please DO NOT mix or interchange entries between Catholic School and Formation Programs. 


Essay entries must be legibly written or typed. A minimum of 250 and a maximum of 500 words will be accepted for Essay entries.


Entries will be judged on relationship to the theme, originality, and expression of thought and neatness.




All entries must be identified on the reverse side of the winning entry and should include: Name, address, phone number, age, grade, parent(s) name, name of school or Parish Formation Program, and the name of your parish Respect Life Coordinator.  Please use the ‘Information Form’ that is included with this material.   


Please use the contest as an opportunity to instruct the students in matters of respecting life. Developmentally age appropriate information Packet is available upon request and could be used to help prepare them for participation in the contest.  The classroom setting is a good opportunity to set the foundation for this preparation. 



If you have additional questions, contact your Parish Respect Life Coordinator or the Respect Life Office at 904-262-3200 extension 127.


Thank you for this opportunity to work with you in sharing with our children respect for God’s precious gift of LIFE!



A Word Document to be downloaded and submitted with the poster.