During the infant years of Feeding Hills, the Catholic people attended churches in  North Agawam, West Springfield and Springfield with the hope that some day they would have a church of their own.

In 1926 a portable wooden Chapel, which had been used in St. Anthony's church in North Agawam, was moved to William Street in Feeding Hills. It was a mission Chapel of Mount Carmel Church and the Stigmatine fathers  celebrated mass here each Sunday.

In February of 1946 Rev. Leonard Della Badia, CSS, was assigned as first Pastor of the Sacred Heart Church. At the time of it's founding the Parish consisted of 175 families. The portable Church could only seat 125 people and was much too small for the growing community. From 1946 to 1959 the Parishioners worked and saved and prayed that they might be able to build a Church large enough for all the Catholics in Feeding Hills.

In 1948 through the untiring efforts of Father Leonard Della Badia  approximately 12 acres of land were purchased at the corner of Springfield, Mill and Poplar Streets on which the new Church,  Social Center and Recreation Area now stand.

Father George Linse, CSS, was assigned as Pastor of Sacred Heart Church on June of 1956. He worked feverishly for a new Church and on June 20, 1959 the new church was dedicated. The first Mass was celebrated in the new Church on Sunday, June 21, 1959.

Because of the hundreds of children attending Sunday School Classes and CCD Classes  it became necessary to build a building for these Church affairs. Through the untiring efforts of Father Linse, the Bishop approved the erection of our new Social Center in the year 1970 and this beautiful building was completed and dedicated on January 17,1971.