Email Spam and Virus Blocking

This service for RCNet subscribers effectively deals with the ever-increasing spam that clogs all of our inboxes, and also protects you from viruses spread via email that could damage your computer or your information. We block the spam and viruses before they ever hit your mailbox, always using the latest antivirus definitions. You also have total control over the spam blocking settings, so you can decide just what is right for you.

How Much Spam Will be Blocked?
Even at the default settings, over 80% of all spam will be stopped from ever making it to your mailbox. Yay! You can adjust the settings in each of 5 email categories to filter out even a higher percentage:

  • Pornography, Sexually Explicit Email
  • Bulk Email
  • Get Rich Quick Offers
  • Special Offers
  • Racially Insensitive
The emails that get stopped are kept for 14 days on a special website that you can check anytime to see what got blocked, if you want. You always have the opportunity to retrieve any emails that were blocked.

You Get to Choose Several Spam Blocking Options
You can adjust your blocking settings at any time at Postini to:

  • look at the emails that were blocked if you wish to
  • retrieve any blocked emails if you wish to
  • create lists of email senders that are never blocked
  • create lists of email senders that are always blocked
  • set many other blocking options
You will enjoy the flexibility of our spam blocking service. You can choose to fine tune it as much as you like, or just sit back and enjoy our default settings.

How Effective is the Email Virus Blocking?
Email is the primary way that viruses are spread today!

The virus definitions that we use are always the very latest up-to-date available, with realtime updating to the McAfee Antivirus site. You are as protected as possible from any email viruses. Additionally, you can see who sent you an email virus and notify them if you wish to.

Our email antivirus protection does NOT protect you from viruses that can come to your computer from other sources, such as:

  • downloading files or games or software from websites
  • viruses disguised as music files from music sharing services
  • floppy disks or other media you insert into your computer
For that reason, if you do any of the above activities, you still need antivirus software installed and up and running on your computer.

How Do I Sign Up for Spam and Virus Blocking Services? This service is now automatically included as part of our standard customer services.

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