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A summer household for university students in Ann Arbor

Since our founding in 1971, helping young people come to know Christ and grow in Christian maturity has been one of our main concerns in The Servants of the Word. The evangelization and bringing to discipleship of youth has led us to many places and to much frutiful service over these thirty years. "This is the Lord's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes." 

We live in times of unprecedented challenge for young people. Many and confusing are the voices that cry out for their allegiance. In a world where right and wrong are blurred and distorted, they must find and stand for the truth. In a world where selfishness and materialism reign, they must choose to deny themselves and sell all to follow Christ. 

And yet) this is also an age of unimaginabk opportunity. No previous age has known more potential for the evangelizarion and discipleship of young people. Truly) at this change of the millennium we find ourselves in the midst ofa fierce battle for the next generation. As the Easter hymn resounds, "The Son of God goes forth to war.../who follows in his train?" 

Our Aims:
  • To share the good news of Jesus Christ with young people that they might believe
  • To establish challenging and character-building environments that they might grow
  • To offer mission and outreach opportunities that they might serve

University Christian Outreach

One of today's fiercest battles— a battle for our future— is taking place at our universities. The Servants of the Word is at work on campuses through University Christian Outreach, bringing young people into a personal relationship with God and a life lived in the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Committed Christian relationships and daily discipleship are also UCO hallmarks. 

The annual Summer Academy is a live-in seminar offering help to live as a committed Christian in the modern world. It challenges the mind and stirs the heart 

Evangelistic drama presentations such as 'El Shaddai' provide opportunities for growth in character, confidence and communication. 

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