Our Brotherhood Households
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"A sense of awe was felt by everyone, and many portents and signs were brought about through the apostles.  All the believers agreed to hold everything in common: they began to sell their property and possessions and distribute to everyone according to his need.  One and all they kept up their daily attendance at the temple, and, breaking bread in their homes, they shared their meals with unaffected joy, as they praised God and enjoyed the favor of the whole people.  and day be day the Lord added new converts to their number."  (Acts 2:34-47 NEB)

S/W Household in Monterrey, Mexico
A Common Life

The body of Christ made manifest at Pentecost was most clearly a community of believers who shared a common life (Acts 2:43-47).  They served one another, prayed and worshipped together, and most importantly, fostered faith for fellow Christians living in a world often at odds with  Christian values and principles. 

The Servants of the Word share their daily life in the same way.  Prayer is a first priority, with daily periods for individual and communal prayer as well as scripture study.  We also gather to chant the Psalms three times each day.  Special times of retreat and prayer are a part of our weekly and annual schedule. 

We share the morning and evening meal together and make time for other common activities, recreation and fellowship, to strengthen our experience as a community of brothers. 

S/W Brothers in Detroit share their home with DSO interns
We presently have brotherhood households in Belfast, Northern Ireland; London, England, Monterrey, Mexico; Manila, Philippines; and households in the following cities in the USA: Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Detroit, and East Lansing, Michigan.

Belfast Household

Manila Household

East Lansing Household

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