July, 2000

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Welcome to our home page. You are invited to acquaint yourself with information about St Stanislaus Church.

The millennium brings this parish of St Stanislaus, Bishop & Martyr, to the celebration of its 125th Jubilee. Established in 1875, we are the oldest Polish Parish in Nanticoke, Pa.

At St Stanislaus the renewal of parish life is a constant and ongoing endeavor. Pope John Paul II declared the 1990's as the "Decade of Evangelization" for the Catholic Church. Our Bishop, Most Rev. James C. Timlin D.D., in union with the Pope issued a diocesan Pastoral Letter entitled "The Welcoming Church." In the years ahead we envision "Renew 2000" as a continuation of this effort to bring Christ alive in our parish milieu. Our Mission Statement capsulizes this endeavor.

Our parish census lists approximately 1000 parishioners. With Christ at the heart of our spiritual lives in Liturgy and Eucharistic Adoration, we remain attentive to Ministry and strive to offer as much service as possible to the local community. We published a Parish Ministry Booklet in 1997. Ministries identified include an active RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) team; a parish Food Bank in conjunction with the CEO (Commission of Economic Opportunity) network; and an Apostolate to the Elderly.

We have a small, but active Youth Group, and we constantly work at improving the religious education department of our parish. For the school year 2000-01 twenty three of our youngsters attend Pope John Paul II School, the local inter-parochial grade school. Our parish school building is one of three that comprise the school campus. St Stanislaus and St Mary's Church, Nanticoke, provide a combined Parish School of Religion for our young people attending public school. Our PSR Handbook was published in 1999.

All our Family Ministries emphasis pro-life. FOCCUS marriage testing is our means of presenting marriage preparation, and we have two diocesan certified couples involved in this ministerial work. Our parish deacon and his wife conduct various pre-cana events at the diocesan level.

We pray that God bless all of our continue endeavors.

Reverend John F. Poplawski

A special thank you to RC Net for donating the space for this website.

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