St. Matthew's Catholic Church

St. Matthew's Senior Community Center
A great way to make friends and stay active, the Senior Center is open every Monday thru Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the St. Matthew's Parish Hall. Delicious and nutritious hot lunches are served (a one day advance notice is necessary) for a free will donation of 25 cents as well as hot coffee (also 25 cents).
Activities are scheduled each day and day trips are planned. Penny BINGO every Wednesday. Bus service is available for those who live within parish boundaries for a fee of $1 round-trip. The Senior Center welcomes all seniors age 60+. For more information call Terri Nañez at 691-8947 or 696-4161.

Meals on Wheels
Hot delicious and nutritious meals are provided for the homebound. Must be living within parish boundaries. Call Terri Nañez at 691-8947 or 696-4161 for more information.

St. Matthew's Athletic Association
Everyone can join in sporting activities including flag football, Pop Warner football, soccer, girl's volleyball and softball, baseball, boys and girls track and basketball, as well as many others. Adult basketball and volleyball games are held in the McDonald Center Gym. Watch the St. Matthew's Sunday Bulletin for details or call 979-5574 for more info.

New Beginnings Group
Are you recently separated, divorced or widowed? You can find healing in the supportive fellowship of the New Beginning Group. For those who are looking to the Christian Community for strength, guidance, growth and companionship at a difficult time in their lives, this group is for you. Meets regularly. Call 696-4161 for more details.

Stephen Ministry
A one-to-one care-giving ministry by trained, caring lay ministers. The Stephen Ministers offer understanding and help to those who are experiencing loneliness, loss of a spouse, retirement changes, chemical dependency, unemployment, anxiety and depression, childbirth, hospitalization, separation or divorce, grief, terminal illness, being homebound, etc. Call 696-4161 for more details.

Cancer Support Group
Those who are fighting the battle of cancer do not have to fight alone. The Cancer Support Group stands with friends, relatives and loved ones in mutual supportive fellowship. Regular meetings. Call 696-4161 for more details.

AIDS Ministry
St. Matthew's and the Catholic Church stands with those who are living with AIDS, their families, loved ones and care providers. Support Group meets regularly. Call 696-4161 for more details.

St. Matthew's Singles
If you are single, divorced or widowed (approximately 40 or over), we invite you to join our Sunday Morning Breakfast Club. We meet at 9:00 a.m. in Room 108-109 in the McDonald Center for coffee and breakfast goodies and a reflection and discussion session of the Sunday Gospel reading. We also do a variety of social and service activities throughout the month. To receive our monthly calendar of events please call Terilyn Esparza at 696-4161.

Y.S.M.C. / Young Single or Married Catholics
Are you looking for a Catholic group that can support you in living a committed Christian life in today's world? Are there aspects of the Church that you don't understand, but would like to? Do you sometimes wonder if the Church has a place for you? WELL, IT CERTAINLY DOES! St. Matthew's Young Singles/ Married Group is for you!
Young men and women, single and married, who are committed to God and to one another support one another in Catholic community in the Young Singles/Married Group. Our focus is knowledge and the love of our Lord and His Church. We provide a variety of spiritual, educational, social, recreational and service activities.
Please call Terilyn Esparza at 696-4161 (979-5587 voice mail) for more information.

Counseling Center
Counseling is a growth process which facilitates the understanding and resolution of individual and family living stresses. A deepening of self-knowledge, the exploration of alternatives and the development and practice of coping skills, all from a Christian perspective help to facilitate this process. Through the establishment of trust and an open exploration of the self and one's relationships, one is challenged to achieve one's human potential.

Counseling services are provided to adults as well as adolescents

Seminars and workshop times are published in the St. Matthew's Sunday Bulletin. For appointments, please call Maria Leavy-Whelan, Ph.D.,LMFT or Judith Poston, C.S.W.

Dru Burghard, Director
The St. Vincent DePaul Center is located across the parking lot from the Administration Building on the Parish grounds and is the social service center for the entire Parish Community. Inspired by St. Vincent DePaul, the Center seeks to help those who are needy. The Center is able to provide food, clothing, furniture, limited financial assistance and counseling to clients on an individual basis. Help finding a job is sometimes available. The Center also makes referrals, when appropriate.

This great work of Christian charity could not happen without, you. Donations of food, clothing, furniture, as well as financial contributions are always needed. The most important donation that you can make is one of your time and talent. Volunteers to answer phones, packing food and folding clothes are greatly needed. If you would like to get down to work helping God's people one person at a time, there is always a place for you at the St. Vincent DePaul Center.

Hours of Operation: Tues - Sat 9:30 a.m.- 11:30 a.m. Phone 696-9983

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