St. Matthew's Catholic Church

Thank you for your interest in St. Matthew's Catholic Church. Our sincere interest and concern is for all the members of God's Family: Our interest is in YOU. We offer this Website as a way of getting to know the St. Matthew's Parish Family which is YOUR family.

Living and witnessing the love of Christ takes real commitment. Our parish has been entrusted with helping and encouraging the community as it deepens and enriches its relationship with Christ.

St. Matthew's pledge of "total involvement" offers its parish family many and diverse opportunities for spiritual growth. "Total involvement" doesn't stop there, however. Realizing the commitment to Christ extends to every part of life, the parish gives vital witness to Christ's love in its many social ministries. Monsignor John Flynn, as well as all the staff and volunteers are serious about addressing every need and transforming it into a great testimony of God's love.

Our doors are always open. Let your presence here at St. Matthew's edify your own life and in so doing build up the kingdom of God which is the Church.

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