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and Capuchin Franciscans


All retreats unless otherwise stated are peaceful, restful, quiet contemplative weekends for men and women; this year's talks will focus on the theme: "Come… Journey with Me", "You have no need to fear since I am with you."    Genesis 26:24


Silence, some say, is the best part of a retreat. The essence of retreat is finding God present, both within yourself and around you. The quiet atmosphere enhances this meeting between you and God.


People of all faith traditions are welcome to make a retreat. The main emphasis of retreats is personal spiritual growth in the context of Christian community. Our celebrations follow the Roman Catholic tradition.

A Place for Renewal

Retreat offers the time to renew our relationship with God. God, joyfully meets us where we are, drawing us closer in love. As we focus on God and renew that relationship, we can deepen our faith and prayer life.

A Place for Retreat

Weekend retreats begin on Friday evening with registration and dinner. Following dinner, the retreat is held in a quiet atmosphere.

Conferences are held in the Chapel. Participants are invited to meet individually with the conference presenters.  Many who were initially hesitant about the quiet atmosphere have reported afterwards that it was a wonderful experience. People continue to return year after year for the peace, healing and renewal which are a part of the retreat experience.


   Queen of Angels Retreat Center is a ministry of the Capuchin (pronounced: CAP-uh-shin) Franciscans. We are an Order of priests and brothers of the Roman Catholic Church, who trace our lineage back to St. Francis of Assisi in the 13th Century. We are one of the largest orders of men in the Church, numbering over 10,000 members world-wide. The order is divided into geographical regions, or provinces, throughout the world. Here at Saginaw, we are members of the Province of St. Joseph in the upper Midwestern United States. Our provincialate, or regional headquarters, is in Detroit, Michigan.

   Queen of Angels Retreat Center, was dedicated in June of 1956, and Capuchins continue to serve in the direction of the retreat center as well as at the neighboring parish of St. Anthony.

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