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Queen of Angels is operated by the Capuchins primarily to serve the members of the Catholic Diocese of  Saginaw, in east-central  Michigan, though persons from anywhere are welcome. We try to offer a place of peace and quiet for the purpose of prayer and reflection on one's life and one's relationship with God. We try to offer a safe place where a person can come and be at peace as he or she ponders what life is all about. Some persons find our retreat center a welcome place of quiet in contrast to the noise and stress of everyday life.
Our main retreat program at Queen of Angels takes place on weekends, starting in mid-September. These weekends are for either men only or women only. We try to maintain a quiet atmosphere to help people take a break from their ordinary, busy, and sometimes hectic lives. The weekend begins with a buffet supper on Friday evening.

During the weekend, talks, or conferences, are given by a variety of speakers, including 4 priests and 2 lay persons. There is also opportunity to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation. On Saturday evening, we join in a quiet prayer service for the healing of  "whatever ails us", in body, mind, and spirit. Twice during the weekend, we celebrate Eucharist (Mass). The retreat ends with a meal at 1:00 PM on Sunday afternoon.

We are a Roman Catholic institution, and so the "flavor" of our prayers and public worship is Catholic. But persons of any denomination are welcome, and those who have been here seem to have found a welcoming spirit.

From all of our staff and volunteers at Queen of Angels,
we wish all who have come to Queen of Angels or visited our web site:

That the spirit of our Lord may enfold you
and the wonder of His love
Fill every waiting heart.

Thank You & God Bless,
Fr. Tom 
Fr. Tom Zelinski

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