St. Bridget's Church is called to respond to the wonderful and incredible good news of Jesus by attracting a diverse community of believers who worship, love one another, advocate, and serve as catalysts for change.


St. Bridget's Church Family is a powerfully believing community in which the love of the Holy Spirit can be experienced in our worship and fellowship, and permeates our daily lives.
We strive to put the values of the Kingdom first in our decisions and deliberations.
We nurture a welcoming, loving church family, rich in diversity, hospitality, and joyful spontaneity. We affirm and challenge all to participate fully in the outreach ministry of the church.
We view our interdependence as a blessing, reminding us of our dependence on God, our connection to other faith communities, and our call to care for the needy, despite our struggles. As our circumstances improve, we will continue to hold the value that lack of self-sufficiency is a blessing.
We empower and train leadership from within, prioritize youth as an asset, focus on leading by example, develop a strong mentoring program, and support education as the key to all doors.
We advocate for our brothers and sisters, who are in challenging life situations, by supporting ministries which both affirm and enhance life.
Our outreach ministry serves as the life force to the issues of our neighbors. Our neighborhood allows us the opportunity to attract, to engage, and to focus on objectives which are outlined from specific needs, driven by grassroots advocacy.
We share a common faith which is expressed in our uninhibited celebration of the Eucharist, our full participation in the liturgical cycle, our jubilant music ministry, the vigor of our religious education programs, and our dedication to evangelism.
We live the reality of what we sing: "We have come into His house and gathered in His name to worship Him."

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