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Millennium Planning Committee Update
May 16, 2006

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The Millennium Planning Committee presented the Draft Major Issues report to the Parish during the month of June.  You, the parishioners of the Schuyler Catholic Community have submitted comments and the Parish Council has approved the document.  Some minor revisions have been made to the wording of the Major Issue Statements and the Major Issue Report is now ready.  By clicking below you will see the Major Issue Statements together with a list of existing positive and restraining forces already present within our parish.

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While it was not determined to be a Major Issue at this time an assessment of the building needs of the Parish was done.  Click here to see the results of the assessment.

The next step in the Diocesan Planning Process is for some Committee Members from each parish in the Chemung/Schuyler area to meet over the next few months.   Their goal is to take the Major Issue Reports from each parish and determine the Priority Issues for the Chemung/Schuyler Region.  Then they will formulate the Regional Plan to be delivered to the Bishop.  Part of the plan will be to determine what each parish's strengths and weaknesses are so we can better work to help one another.  Before the Bishop sees it their proposed plan it will be presented in each parish for the affirmation of the parishioners.  Watch for this late in the year!  Our representatives are Brenda Herforth, Doug DePuy, Beth Duane, Fr. Dave, and Sr. Cate.

Even if our five Priority Issues are not the same as the Priority Issues for the Region both the Committee Members and the Parish Council want to see the work continue.  This fall, members of the Planning Committee will begin developing strategies on how to address the Priority Issues.  So, next year we will be ready to begin work on the individual issues.  Watch the bulletin in the later summer and fall for meeting dates!  Anyone who wants to work on the Issues is welcome to attend.   This is your parish too!

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Remember, this is your church too!  Let the Holy Spirit guide you and pray that the Committee be led by the Holy Spirit.

Lord, pour out on us the spirit of understanding, truth and peace. Help us strive with all our hearts to know what is pleasing to you, and when we know Your Will make us determined to do it.  

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