Millennium Planning Committee Update
May 16, 2006

The Millennium Planning Committee has finished the first stage of the process by completing the Draft Major Issues Report.  This draft report was presented to the Regional Group (all the churches in Chemung and Schuyler Counties) on May 4,   1999.  Our own Parish Council reviewed the document on May 10th. 

With the help of the Holy Spirit we feel we have identified the 5 most significant issues facing the Schuyler Catholic Community over the next five years. 

The Five Major Issues we have identified are as follows:

The Schuyler Catholic Community needs to further develop a more comprehensive and ongoing Consistent Life Ethic Program within our community.

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The Schuyler Catholic Community should focus on all those not able to maintain consistent contact with the Church.
The Schuyler Catholic Community will seek the expertise to assist us with Administrative Operations of the Church.   (Objective:  Relieve Fr. Dave & Sr. Cate to do their Spiritual Ministries.)

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The Schuyler Catholic Community needs more Certified Lay Facilitators.
The Schuyler Catholic Community will evaluate to understand communication successes and failures and develop strategies to improve Communication.

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We can be very proud of Our Worship Community.  While our long range concerns are similar to those of most other parishes, we stand out in two areas.

The next step is to present the Draft Major Issues Report to you.   Please watch and listen for announcements to hear when the Draft Report will be presented.  This is your community and YOUR OPINION matters!!!  The Holy Spirit is present and alive in you.  If you feel we have correctly identified the major issues OR feel we have missed something, LET US KNOW!  We will be happy to answer any questions when the Draft Report is presented.  Please try to make one of the meetings.  If you can't please contact a Committee Member with your concerns.

Remember, this is your church too!  Let the Holy Spirit guide you and pray that the Committee be led by the Holy Spirit.


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