Parish/Faith Community Major Issues Report

Parish/Faith Community -Schuyler Catholic Community

Description of Priority Issue/Concern:

The Schuyler Catholic Community should focus on ALL those not able to maintain consistent contact with the church.  We must reach out and let them know that ALL are welcome in God's Church.

Positive Forces-------------------------->

<-------------------- Restraining Forces

  1. The existing radio broadcast and Cable TV broadcast of Mass reaches all in the wider community. Its existence has demystified our faith somewhat already.
  2. The newsletter is mailed to all registered Catholics, whether practicing or not.
  3. The assessment led to our identifying this need and has provided us with some strategies and energy behind initiating it.
  4. The facilities are great, provide ample space and environment for opening our arms to all those interested or just curious.
  1. We may have people in the wider community not sure who to talk to or where to begin.
  2. Our census is out of date (approx. 9 yr. old)
  3. Resources to follow up and maintain contact with potential parishioners is currently lacking.
  4. Our rural geography and the economics of this area add difficulties. (Transportation, access to radio and TV broadcasts, etc.)

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