MISSION 2000

Hold Us In Your Mercy

Was the theme of our past Lenten Mission. We ask for evaluations every evening to help the Mission Team plan for the next mission. Most of the comments were in the excellent category. For example the music for each evening of mission spoke to many people. "I liked the variety of music," "Jason & Nicholas what 2 fine young men! - They were great!." "To see & hear Rachel Pavlina play the flute was moving & inspiring." "The Music of the Lord Choir was prayerful."

The witnesses moved others: "The sincerity of Joe Dickerson's life touched me." "For someone so young (Tracy Hartley) to see the workings of God and her church in her life really moved me." Hazel 's (Raplee) journey was thoughtfully presented." "Jeff's witness blew me away - it was wonderful"

Some people were touched by the speakers: "Kathy Dubel was an excellent choice, when she finished you could not hear a pin drop; she really stirred me to look at my own self, what I do, what I don't do, what I could do." "Sister Sue Hoffman's knowledge of Scripture & her talk was enlightening to say the least." "Father Bob Ring was excellent, inspiring, gentle & such a glorious voice - wonderful choice of songs which spoke to the heart." "Our own Fr. Dave never ceases to amaze me - he is a wonderful speaker- we are truly blessed! I wonder if we realize this?" The Scripture readers were very effective and touched many people, the greeters, especially Our Own Catholic sponsored Troop 77 of the boy Scouts that greeted on Tuesday evening of mission "Were great, too." The healing drama put on by our Youth Ministers - "Beautiful performance of our youth." The rituals of each evening touched many hearts. The Penance Service is the highlight of the week for many people.

"The Children's Mission has been excellent. My daughter would ~not stay home!" "The gifts each evening, were great, the prayer bracelet, & the prayer cards by Cindy Kieffer were wonderful! The erasers in the symbol of the rainbow hearts were appropriate symbols for removal of sins." "The opening & closing processions were wonderful the chanting of Hold Us in Your Mercy - stayed with me for the whole 4 nights - that procession was very dramatic I'll always remember it."

We are very grateful for all those who took the time to come to Mission 2000, & to fill out the evaluations. Some of the suggestions for improvement, we will work on. Those that are almost impossible to accomplish are: "To start at 6:00 or 6:30 p. m. " Most of the team, the witnesses, & speakers hold down full time jobs, some live a distance away, so 7:00 p.m. is about the best we can do as a starting time.

"Make it shorter" For 2 of the evenings we ran about I 1/2 hours. One evening right at 9:00p.m., and the evening of Penance we ran over a bit. Penance night is one that we cannot predict. It all depends upon the number of priests we can get to help out, & the number of people who go to Confession. When we schedule Mission we usually aim for the time period of 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. We definitely try to keep it to no more than 2 hours. Yet, we hope that those coming to Mission are making Mission as an added sacrifice for their Lenten spiritual journey. Our Lord asked his disciples; "Could you not keep watch for one hour?" I guess we're asking you; "Could you not keep watch during Mission week for an extra hour?" We can go & sit through a 3 hour or longer movie, watch overtime ball games, & sit in front of our computers or televisions for hours on end, but honoring Our Lord for 4 special days we need to count the seconds? May be we need to do a priority check for Lent next year.

Two of our families were praised for having total involvement of their families; they're the Pavlina's & the Hartley/Findley families. It would be wonderful if more families could make Mission Week something they could do together as a Lenten practice. It would be nice to have the church filled for Mission 2001.

One person remarked about not having a banner. We had a very small Mission Team this year. The people who had the time & artistic ability were not members of the team this year. So I ask - I really am pleading if anyone would like to see a banner, more pageantry, then please consider becoming a member of the Mission Team. We pray & work together from August to when the Mission is over. Please call me: Sr. Cate at 535-2786 ext. #11 & I'll gladly add your name to our team list.

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