Parish/Faith Community Major Issues Report

Parish/Faith Community - Schuyler Catholic Community

Description of Priority Issue/Concern:

The Schuyler Catholic Community will continue working to improve present communication forms and find new and innovative ways of communicating.
Positive Forces---------------------->

<---------------- Restraining Forces

  1. We have multiple communication tools in place and in use now.
  2. WEB page was recently introduced.
  3. Radio broadcast and Cable TV are unique tools to this community.
  4. The restoration project served as a communication by virtue of the activity (visibility) and the wonderful results.
  5. We have good sources of input to assist us with understanding and improving that which we already have and can build upon.
  1. Not all vehicles of communication are available to everyone.
  2. We are inconsistent in our utilization of some communication resources.
  3. We lack a coordinator for this effort.
  4. We don't utilize all the communication mediums available to us.
  5. Advertising costs can be inhibiting.

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