Parish/Faith Community Major Issues Report

Parish/Faith Community - Schuyler Catholic Community

Description of Priority Issue/Concern:

The Schuyler Catholic Community needs more certified lay facilitators.  This will allow more lay people to be authentically trained for the various lay ministries.
Positive Forces ------------------------->

<-------------------- Restraining Forces

  1. A large pool of enthusiastic, energetic people are available to call upon.
  2. The parish pays for any course people are willing to attend.
  3. We have a resource in house, Sr. Cate, who can provide some training her in our community relieving people of the need to travel to Rochester or elsewhere to receive training.
  1. Time to attend
  2. Where classes/courses are held
  3. People's willingness to attend training. (can be time/family related, or personal inhibitions)
  4. Education of what it means to become certified is lacking.
  5. Fear of liability from others with regard to challenges of one's teachings, church doctrine, etc.









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