Parish/Faith Community Major Issues Report

Parish/Faith Community - Schuyler Catholic Community

Description of Priority Issue/Concern:

The Schuyler Catholic Community needs to further develop a more comprehensive, ongoing Consistent Life Ethic Program within our community.


Positive Forces ------------------------->

<---------------------------- Restraining Forces

  1. There are already elements of this program existing from which we can build.
  2. There is a lot of help available to us. For example, Catholic Charities.
  3. Our facilities provide excellent space and versatility.
  4. Some networking is already in place that we can build on.
  1. There is no current leader identified. Once this person was identified, training would likely be needed.
  2. We have a lack of emphasis on education around these issues in our community today.
  3. There is discomfort with addressing Consistent Life Ethics issues, which can lead us to avoid them.

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