Parish/Faith Community Major Issues Report

Parish/Faith Community - Schuyler Catholic Community

Description of Priority Issue/Concern:

The Schuyler Catholic community will seek the expertise to assist us with the Administrative Operations of the church.  Look into improved and alternative ways of handling Parish Administration and Financial matters.
Positive Forces ---------------------->

<-------------------- Restraining Forces

  1. An increasing awareness of parishioners that these skills are needed in our parish has occurred since the onset of the capital/restoration campaign.
  2. There may be a resource available within our parish with skills needed to carry out this work.
  3. When called upon, this community will typically come forth in support.
  1. Lack of financial resources available to add this person to the staff right now.
  2. We are not currently in a position to share services in this case.
  3. There is a hesitancy of this community to deal with "outsiders".

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