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Here is a letter of appreciation we received for the children's efforts on the Houses for Haiti Project.

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Pennies for Presciptions Update:

Congratulations to all of the children and adults who participated in our Pennies for Prescriptions campaign!  So far, we have donated $205.00 to Virginia Beach Department of Social Services.  They will see that prescription medication will be given to those in need thanks to our hard work!!!!!!

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KIDS TO KIDS:  Hey, friend, do you have a penny to spare? While a penny alone can't buy much, when we all join our pennies and our hearts together, the possibilities are endless.  The children involved in Children's Church are collecting pennies to help buy prescriptions for children who do not have the money or insurance to buy prescriptions.  The children have been given prescription vials in which they are to collect their pennies.  They are to earn their pennies by doing chores or good deeds for others.  Once they have filled their vials, they are to bring them back to Children's Church, dump their pennies in the collection jar, and then once again take the vial home to keep collecting pennies.  The Pennies for Prescriptions Program is  organized through the Virginia Beach Social Services office.  Our goal this year is $250.00.  However, it would be wonderful if we could far exceed this goal.  A large pickle jar will be out in the Daily Chapel to collect your pennies, if you would like to join us in this service project.

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