Serra Club of Richmond Virginia


Serra Club of Richmond

Officers for 2002-2003
John Strotmeyer - President   William Timberman - President - Elect
Dominic DiGirolamo - Vice President - Vocations   Charles Hartz - Treasurer
William Timberman - Vice President - Membership   Gerard Mullen - Trustee
Carol Stefanec - Vice President - Communications   Rev. Michael Renninger - Chaplain
Joe Jowaisis - Vice President - Programs    

A Letter from our Club President

Welcome to the activities page for our web site! We appreciate your interest in Serra and invite everyone to take the opportunity to learn more about Serra and its activities. We hope you will also explore the related links to Serra International and Serra International USA/Canada Council to learn more about Serra on both the International and National levels.

The focus of the Serra Club of Richmond is the fostering of vocations to the religious life in the Catholic Church. In helping to promote vocations to religious life, and in affirming our priests, sisters, brothers, deacons, and lay ministers, we hope that those called will continue to find in their vocation a fulfilling way of life.

As Serrans, we are involved in a variety of activities that help promote and foster vocations to the religious life within the Catholic Diocese of Richmond; Prayer Pledge Card Programs that encourage daily prayer for church vocations, the Thirty One Club that encourages members to choose one day of the month to attend Mass and offer it for vocations, Annual Charter Night that is set aside to honor our priests and religious for their dedicated service to their vocation, Vocation Awareness Programs for those who may be interested in pursuing a religious vocation, as well as Seminarian Support programs to help affirm and support seminarians during their studies for the priesthood.

Pope John Paul II has asked Serrans throughout the world to be the "Vocation Arm of the Church."; and I believe participation in this effort is vital to insure the future of our Church and the development of its religious and lay leaders. If you are interested in obtaining further information regarding membership, please feel free to contact  William Timberman, Vice President of Membership, or Jerry Mullen, Trustee of The Serra Club of Richmond.

Thank you for visiting our web site and taking the time to learn more about Serra and its activities. Please keep religious vocations in your thoughts and prayers.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
John Strotmeyer

Serra Club Activities for 2002-2003
Date Activity
September 22, 2002 Mass at Cathedral (9:00 am) & Brunch at Willow Oaks CC
October 16, 2002 Westwood Club Dinner Meeting
November  2002 Day of Recollection at Monte Maria Monastery
December 6, 2002 Christmas Party at 5100 Monument Avenue
March 12, 2003 Charter Night - Westwood Club; Bishop and all local Religious Invited
TBD Westwood Club Dinner Meeting - Web Awards Contest
TBD Seminarian Visit
TBD Picnic at the Columbia Center