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Archbishop Joseph Sadoc Alemany of San Francisco chose the name
St. Teresa of Avila when he established the parish in 1858. 

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                      St. Teresa of Avila's Prayer                      

Christ has no body on earth but yours;
no hands but yours;
no feet but yours.
Yours are the eyes through which he is to look out-
Christ's compassion to the world.
Yours are the feet with which he is to go about doing good.
Yours are the hands with which he is to bless others now.

St. Teresa of Avila was a very prolific writer.  Although her writings are
400 years old, they are as meaningful to us today as they were
when she wrote them.  She died in 1582 and was canonized some 40 years
later.  She was the first woman saint to be declared a Doctor of the Church.
The following quotes give us an idea of her writings:

"Jesus never fails his friends."

"God rewards here and in the life hereafter our poor little demonstrations of
generosity and always above measure. He is so grateful that whoever so much as
raises his mind to think of him will not miss his reward."

"God bestows two remedies for all the temptations and trials that we
have to endure: Love and Fear... Love makes us quicken our steps, while fear will
make us look where we are setting our feet so that we shall not fall."

St. Teresa tells us: "Love and fear of God! These are two strong castles
whence we can wage war on the world and on the devils."

St. Teresa tells us: "He always gives us more than we ask him for . Always."

"The highest perfection consists not in interior favours or in great
rapture," wrote St. Teresa, "but in bringing of our wills so closely into
conformity with the will of God that as soon as we realize that He wills
anything, we desire it ourselves with all our might."

"Love draws out Love."

"I know that many persons who say vocal prayers are raised by God to high
contemplation without their knowing how."

Those watching from the river bank saw the carriage she was in swaying on
the brink of the torrent. She jumped out awkwardly, up to her knees in water,
and hurt herself in the process. Wryly, she complained. "so much to put up
with and you send me this!" Jesus replied, "Teresa, that's how I treat my
friends." She was not lost for an answer: "Small wonder you have so few!

"With the help of our guardian angel we can try to see it reflected
in God as in a mirror, for we will never come to know ourselves if we
do not try to know God."

"Whenever I read in the lives of Saints of how they converted souls, I seem
to feel much more devout, more tender, and more envious of them than when
I read of all the martyrdoms that they suffered. This is an inclination given
me by Our Lord; and I think He prizes one soul, which by His mercy and
through our diligence and prayer we have gained , for him, more than all
the other services we can render Him."

"What more can we want," wrote St. Teresa, "than so good a friend at our side,
who will not forsake us when we are in trouble and distress,
as they do who belong to the world!"

"Those of us who do serve Him have to stand back to back in order
to make progress at all."

"Love has its greatest power when it is perfect. Then we forget our own feelings
for the sake of the one we love. If this really their case, if we seek only to
please God, then even the greatest of trials will be made sweet."

"Recollection is nothing else, in my opinion, but being on terms of friendship
with God,frequently conversing in secret with Him, who we know loves us."

"Take care not to miss this wonderful opportunity. Say the 'Our Father'
slowly without rushing. He is listening very close to you. This is the best
way to praise and honor His name."

"It is our prayer that the Lord gives light to understanding His truths."

"Our prayer must, therefore, be very earnest for those who give us light.
What should we be without them in the midst of these violent storms
which now disturb the Church."

"With the Lord by our side, there is nothing we cannot do. Separated from
Him, we will collapse almost immediately. With so good a friend and Captain
ever present, Himself the first to suffer, everything can be borne. He helps.
He strengthens. He never fails. He is the true friend."

"Have confidence in Him. Be of good heart because His Majesty is very solicitous
to what we need. Have no fear that you will be lacking anything."

"Give me wealth or poverty, give me comfort or discomfort, give me
joy or sorrow...What do you want to make of me?"

"When I think of the Most Holy Trinity, or hear it spoken of, I seem to
understand how there can by such a mystery, and it is a great joy to me."

St. Teresa wrote that when she heard people say they wished they had lived
when Christ walked on this earth, she would smile to herself, for she knew
that we have Him as truly with us in The Most Blessed Sacrament as people
had Him then, and wonder what more they could possibly want.

"Since Jesus is always seeking us out," St. Teresa advises us," it is paramount
that we draw forth new energy to be useful as well as being very grateful
for that gift. These are the conditions which the Lord sets down. If we do
not manage His treasures well, He will give them to another and we end up paupers.
"The Lord will give His jewels to someone who will make them shine more radiantly.

"We have to become men and women of prayer, people who know how to deal
personally with the one who loves us above everything."

"There is no greater cause of straying from the path of faithful
perseverance than letting up in prayer."

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