Stewards of Christ the King Parish

Only we can protect and nurture our
priceless heritage at Christ the King.
We are all called to give our time, talents, and financial gifts to keep our Faith Community healthy and growing. Let this be our dream and our goal. We must never stop planning



Diocesan Ministry Update:

What exactly is our DMF debt? -- We owe the Diocese of Pueblo $11,991.55 from debt  left over from the DMF fiscal year February 1, 2014 to January 31, 2015. We retired all previous debt this past year. We are currently on a trajectory to have $37,241.86 more debt on January 31, 2016. This trajectory is a grave concern for us.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated. DMF pledge cards can be found in the Narthex and the Parish Office during the week.

               The Diocesan Ministry Fund is the main source of revenue that financially supports, strengthens and nourishes the many ministries and programs provided to all parishes and missions throughout The Diocese of Pueblo. The DMF provides the much needed funding that serves over 100,000 Catholics covering 29 counties. Why should I pledge to the DMF? Every time we say the  Creed, we reaffirm the fact that we are members of the “one, holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.” We are saying that every parish and every parishioner is responsible not only for his or her parish, but also for the well being of the Church throughout the diocese and the world. How much should I give? This is a good time to reflect gratefully on how generous God has been to you and your family. Your giving should be an honest proportion of your resources which adequately reflects your gratitude for God’s own generosity to you. Our parish obligation is $95,000.00. Please take the time to fill out a DMF pledge card. They are available in the pews or at the parish office.

 Envelope information- You can combine building fund and contributions to the needy and other donations of your choice with your tithe, except Mass offering and DMF donations. Those who use weekly envelopes will receive quarterly statements. Please note that designating "other" is not your tithe but goes to special collections for that particular month or something you designate. If there are no special collections, and you do not specify a special need, your contribution will be posted to tithe.

Envelope Information
People who use only one envelope a month can use the lower half of their contribution information and their mailing envelope to make their contribution either by mail or the collection basket.
Those who wish to donate weekly and did not pick up their packet at the beginning of the year, need to come to the office and pick up a weekly envelope packet for the rest of the year as these are not mailed.

Southwest Cash and Carry in the Sunset Plaza now offers our Parish a rebate of 5% on your purchases. Just write down this number--973299 and give it to the cashier before ringing up your merchandise. Every little bit helps!

Remember that buying grocery cards is also another form of stewardship! Albertson shoppers can help by using a Community Partner Card.

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