Sacramental Preparation

The family must be registered parishioners for a minimum of two months and practicing members of our Faith Community. A Baptism information folder is available in the church entrance. The parent(s) will be required to attend a Baptism Class. If you are expecting a baby, you should try to attend the class as soon as possible. The classes are from 9:00 AM to Noon in Sister Joan's Room. Please call the office for information on the next class(542-9254). For adults and older children, Baptism preparation is offered in our RCIA program. Please contact PASTORAL ASSOCIATE: Sarah Nelson 542-9254 ext 21,  information about these programs.

Holy Eucharist

Baptized children who have participated in religious education classes for a minimum of two years may become candidates for this Sacrament. First Eucharist is celebrated in the Spring at Christ the King. The preparation classes include a Saturday 1/2 day retreat and three evening classes. These classes must be attended by both a parent/guardian and the child. The children make their First Eucharist during the regularly scheduled masses one week-end in the Spring. Please check the  

 Religious Education K-12th  Please check the Schedule for classes

 In the fall. Adults will be prepared in the RCIA program. Please contact PASTORAL ASSOCIATE: Sarah Nelson 542-9254 ext 21



  Children who have received Baptism and are in the fourth grade or older and who are in the religious education program or attending a Catholic school, may be candidates for this Sacrament. Preparation classes include a Saturday 1/2 day retreat and two evening classes. These classes must be attended by the parent/guardian and the child preparing for the sacrament. Reconciliation classes for children are in the fall. Please check RE schedule



This Sacrament is an opportunity for teens to become full adult members of the Church. This requires a commitment from families,sponsors,and the candidates. Youth preparing for this sacramentmust be at least 16 years of age at thetime of Confirmation. Due to the busy lives of highschool teens confirmation will be open-ended inthat teens will have the opportunity to take part inthe Sacrament of Confirmation at times when most available and open to the message over their four years of high school. Candidates will receive the Diocesan “Guidelines for Sacramental Catechesis” with parish-specific requirements that fulfill Diocesan guidelines. Thus students from 9th grade through 12th grade must fulfill all these requirements, attend a final Confirmation prep meeting, and meet with Brian Christopherson prior to being confirmed. This holds candidates responsible for maintaining a personal sense of commitment to ones own faith throughout their high school career. This open-ended format also allows for continual participation for students that have already completed the Confirmation process. Please check Class Schedule

All high school students who have already been confirmed are invited to participate in Confirmation classes at no cost.

 Becoming Catholic-RCIA

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is the means  by which adults who seek full communion with Jesus Christ are fully incorporated into His mystical body, the Church.  By means of RCIA, unbaptized adults are invited into the life of the Holy Trinity through the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist.  Also by means of RCIA, adult Christians baptized in a denomination other than Roman Catholicism are strengthened by the sacrament of Confirmation and are invited to share in the Holy Eucharist.  Adults baptized in the Roman Catholic Church but never having received the sacrament of Confirmation are also invited to complete their initiation into Christ through RCIA. RCIA is a Time for Discernment There are many ways that God moves  us to consider our step forward in faith. The RCIA program unfolds over the course of several months, with gatherings to explore the riches of the Catholic faith. These gatherings provide the structure within which knowledge, reflection and prayer are combined to serve as the foundation for a candidate’s peaceful and confident decision to become Catholic. RCIA candidates are also invited to celebrate various liturgical rites throughout the year to be recognized, supported and strengthened by the parish. Any adult interested in becoming a Catholic or receiving the sacrament of Confirmation, is invited to call Sarah Nelson Pastoral Associate, at 542-9248 ext 21

Did you know that the primary minister of initiation in RCIA is the parish community?


Please call Sarah Nelson for information about future RCIA classes-542-9248 . She is our Pastoral Associate and  Director of RCIA. Please note that anyone who would just like to know more about Catholicism is also welcome to call Sarah Nelson 542-2948. ext 21



Marriage—Spiritual preparation is the most important preparation for the Sacrament of Marriage. Registered, engaged couples are invited to call Father Papesh at 542-9248, EXT 16 to arrange instruction as soon as they become engaged. A minimum of one year is needed.

The Southern Colorado Worldwide Marriage Encounter community sponsors  Marriage Encounter opportunities.  
Worldwide Marriage Encounter is for any married couple desiring a richer, fuller marriage.  It is also for priests and religious who want to  enhance their relationship with God's People and develop an even deeper appreciation of their own vocation.  The weekend is Catholic in orientation, however, you do not have to be Catholic to attend. For information, try going to



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