Our current organ has many problems that are becoming
nearly impossible to work around, not the least of which are
numerous keys that will not play. It is increasingly difficult
to have it repaired as many of the parts are no longer made.
Christ the King has been given the opportunity to purchase a
3-manual, digital Allen organ (w/MIDI) at a very significant
$40,000 reduction in price! It is in pristine condition with a
full warranty. This is an incomparable value and the name
“Allen” is synonymous with premium digital instruments.
We would have the sounds of the finest pipe organs from the
world’s great cathedrals without the expense and space that
pipes would require. Really, the sound is that good! It
would be custom installed, and has the most advanced circuitry
& electronic components as well as the highest quality
workmanship. Would you like to be a part of this magnificent
addition to Christ the King Parish? We are seeking 7
(+) generous $10,000 donors (or 71 $1,000 donors) or...you
get the picture. If you are interested in helping , please call
Lori at 542-9248 (ext. 18) or Msgr. Tom (Ext. 16). No donation
is too small or too large.