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Our link page for Catholic web sites providing all the information you will probably ever need! We no longer have a FAQ page as there was no response to this idea. If you have a question that only concerns Christ the King Parish, please contact us.

Introducing The Catholic Citizen

The Catholic Citizen is a Newsletter for dialogue among Catholics in the Diocese of Pueblo on critical issues we face today. The purpose is to create and keep alive among parish communities discussions about social, political, economic, environmental, racial, and life issues. By encouraging church communities to dialogue these concerns with the larger civic community and with those who represent us in legislature, we hope to identify our Catholicism as public, concerned with bringing to identification and expression the Reign of God on Earth, as asked of us by Jesus. The following support documents are in both .doc (Word format) and .pdf (Adobe Reader format). (In English and Spanish)
The latest issue of the Catholic Citizen is available in English and Spanish as a link to the home page of the Diocese of Pueblo

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A great site for a better understanding an appreciation of the Catholic Faith. It is also a call to those who have left the church- http://www.catholicscomehome.org/former-catholic.php

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