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Information concerning Catechesis and Adult Faith discussion.

Death/Serious Illness/Hospitalization— If you have a death in the family, please notify Father Papesh before you meet with your funeral director to make the funeral arrangement.  Also, please notify the parish office at the onset of a serious illness. Due to Federal regulations, hospitals can no longer supply names or other information about patients. Therefore, patients or family members must notify the parish if pastoral visits are requested. Note that both Parkview Medical Center and St. Mary Corwin Hospital have priest chaplains and other pastoral staff personnel to minister to the sick and to their families.

Homebound Ministry If after hospitalization, or due to serious illness, you are confined to your home, please contact  please call Mary at 542-9248 ext. 11, or email if you desire to receive communion at  home. A homebound minister will be assigned to you.

Prayer line request.  If you have a prayer request for yourself or for someone you know, please call Mary at 542-9248 ext. 11, or email
. We are grateful to our parishioners who are committed to this ministry.

Christ the King  Media Library

Did you know that we have a media library for our parishioners outside Sr. Joan’s room? It is open during Religious Education classes on Sundays. We use the honor system for checking out and returning materials. We have books on spirituality, family, marriage, novels, Bible study, men’s issues, women’s issues, self help. and humor. We have videos, music CDs, lectures on CDs, as well as free articles and pamphlets. While your children are at religious education, stop by and see what we have available for you.



Contemplative Sisters, Capuchin Poor Clares

Years ago, Bishop Tafoya  invited seven Contemplative Sisters, Capuchin Poor Clares, to live in Pueblo. Those who wish to make special prayer requests may contact them at 806 East B. Street, 81003. If possible, please enclose a small donation to assist them in with their living expenses.

      Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

We  have the Servants of the Blessed Sacrament in Pueblo. Please think about participating in their Eucharistic Adoration Program. They are in need of participants for this wonderful  program. This is a unique opportunity to grow spiritually. We are so fortunate to have an Adoration Program available to us. Try it. It can change your life!  Please call 454-7729 or 583-1959 for more information.


Adoption Program!

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Pueblo is accepting applications from couples who would like to participate in their Infant Adoption or International Adoption programs. Call Linda Youngs, MA, LPC, Adoption Supervisor, at 719-544-4233 or 1-800-303-4690. You can also email her at

Special notice-Hospital patients, please notify the office of your hospitalization and let them know if you would like daily Communion and visits from the Catholic Chaplain or Pastoral Care Ministers. Call the office (542-9248). Be sure and give them your hospital and room number.
We also welcome calls to the office to set up this service for the homebound.

"Left Behind" literature, published by Tyndale House Press in Wheaton, ILL has been removed from Catholic libraries. Illinois Catholic Bishops have declared the material actively promotes fundamentalist theology in conflict with Catholic teachings.

Interested in Catholicism? Already Catholic but need the Sacraments and a deeper connection with your Faith?
Know a relative or friend who is interested? We begin our Catechumenate Program this September. We also have special programs for children who are between the ages of 7 and 17.   Rite of Christian Initiation (RCIA).

RCIA is an extended period of instructions, of listening to the Scriptures, of praying and of observing how Chrisrtians actually live there faith. The Catechumenal process prepares persons for full membership in the Catholic Church.
   The process is for adults:
  • Baptized Catholics as infants but have not received any of the other sacraments
  • Baptized in another faith tradition
  • Those who have never been baptized
Anyone interested should call for information about future classes-542-9248 ext 21 for Sarah Nelson, . She is our Pastoral Associate and  Director of RCIA
Please note that anyone who would just like to know more about Catholicism is also welcome to call Sarah.
We also have a program for children RCIC for children between ages seven and seventeen.

Please see Saramental Preparation for reception of each Sacrament

Bright Beginnings Parent Support Group This is a free program sponsored by The Pueblo Diocese Catholic Charities. This is a group dedicated to the healthy development of children, especially during the first three years of life when 90% of a child's brain development will take place. The program will guide you in enhancing your child's learning skills. Take advantage of this free opportunity! Call Catholic Charities at 544-4233.

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