The Fifteen Days of Prayer
To The
(Virgin of Urkupina means Virgin of the Mountain - It was in the mountains of Bolivia
in the 1800’s that Our Lady appeared to a young girl as she was watching the sheep...)

In the name of the Father...
Act of Contrition

Opening Prayer
Oh Jesus, Son of the Living God, in order to save mankind, You deigned to
become the Son of Mary.
We kneel at your feet, oh Redeemer, in order to study the virtues of Mary, for she
is our Mother - the Mother You gave us as you were dying on the Cross.
We desire to be made worthy sons and daughters of such a model and great
protectress - a grace that we do not deserve but nevertheless a grace that your heart
desires for us.
Oh Christ our Redeemer, it is through your Mother that we hope to please You.
As we contemplate her immaculate purity, we pray that our souls will be cleansed
of any stain of sin, that our souls may be filled with virtue and life, souls that like
beautiful flowers will be enchanting in their loveliness. Amen.

Prayer to the Virgin of Urkupina
Oh Mary, sweet love of our hearts, we come to meditate upon your virtues and to
rejoice in your glories.
During these fifteen days of prayer,
Brush away the clouds that bedim our understanding so that we may know you
Set our hearts on fire that we may love you as you deserve!
Guide us that we may follow the Holy Will of your Divine Son!
We consecrate ourselves to you, dear Mother, that you might lead
us to Jesus so that we too might one day enter Eternal Joy with God.

Meditation for the Day (see below)

Final Prayer
Oh Mary. assumed into Heaven, in you we find every virtue shining
resplendently. In your is the fullness of grace because you are united to God.
Oh Virgin of Urkupina, work amidst the thorns that grow in the arid deserts of our
hearts, that roses of goodness and virtue might sprout forth! Weed out the vanities of this
world and replant in us the flower of Life - that our souls might become as nature in
springtime to the delight of Christ our Redeemer!

First Day: Devotion to the Virgin Mary
Our first homage, adoration, and love must be to God. But after this, the most useful
devotion for us is to His most holy Mother. The reason? She Is the masterpiece of His
creation. Yes. God is praised in all His saints, but above all He is praised in Mary. Hymns
of gratitude rise from all points of the world toward the throne of the Virgin of the
Assumption and from there, graces descend upon the earth. Oh Mary, how many tears
have you helped to console? How many hearts have you helped to convert? How many
souls have you helped to save by your intercession? Thank you for your motherly love
and for being always by our side!

Second Day: The Birth of Mary
In an obscure. corner of Judea, a little girl is born she who is inextricably tied to the
destiny of all humanity. From the beginning of all time, God the Father had prepared the
coming of Mary. Her victory was announced in Paradise to the consolation and the hope
of mankind which had fallen due to the serpent. Mary is born in hiddenness and in secret,
the angels rejoice and all nature rejoices in thanksgiving to the Eternal God for fulfilling
His promise.

Third Day: The Presentation of Mary in the Temple
According to the tradition of the Church, Mary was presented in the Temple when she
was three years old and consecrated to the absolute and total service and love of God. Let
us acknowledge the generous sacrifice of her parents, Sts. Joachim and Ann. At this time
she is unaware that her destiny is to be the living ark of God become Man. We also have
been born for Eternal Life and God has prepared a road for us to this end. May we count
on the Most Holy Mother of Urkupina to be our protection and our hope.

Fourth Day: The Betrothal of the Virgin Mary
God had inspired and then accepted Mars's vow of virginity. Now Mary, with a strong
faith in God and with a noble confidence in the young man that heaven had prepared for
her, reveals her vow to Joseph. Joseph accepted it and made his own vow and so as he
takes Mary to be his wife, he becomes the guardian of Mary’s virginity. In the most
ordinary circumstances and appearances, perfection is raised up and chastity and humility
are preserved.

Fifth Day: The Incarnation of the Son of God
Read Luke 1:26-38

Sixth Day: The Visit to Saint Elizabeth
Read Luke 1:39-48

Seventh Day: The Birth of Christ
Read Luke 2:1-7

Eighth Day: Purification of the Virgin
Read Luke 2:2l-24

Ninth Day: The Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple
Read Luke 2:41-49

Tenth Day: The Life of Mary in Nazareth
Read Luke 2:51-52

Eleventh Day: The Wedding Feast of Cana
Read John 2:1-11

Twelfth Day: Mary and the Passion of Christ
Read Luke 2:34-35, John 19:16-30

Thirteenth Day: The Death of the Virgin Mary
Now Mary has fulfilled her mission on earth. The hour came when Jesus called his
mother home. Her greatest joy had been in the Resurrection of her Son and now He
wishes to associate her in His Glory. Upon separation from this world, she is reunited
eternally with the Love of all loves.

Fourteenth Day: The Assumption of the Virgin
The natural result of death is the body’s decay. But Mary’s life was inextricably bound to
her Son's in purity and so Jesus preserved her body from this natural result of death.
Would not Mary’s spirit, in the instant that It was separated from her body enter
immediately into the very heart of God and then return to her natural body? All glory
accompanies this bodily triumph! Surrounded by the seraphim and the celestial choruses,
she is raised sweetly to heaven, to the arms of her Beloved Son.

Fifteenth Day: The Coronation of The Blessed Virgin Mary
Read Revelation 12:1