Our Parish Patron

The Martyrdom of
Saint Bartholomew
Apostle and Martyr

Prayer To Saint Bartholomew

Dear Saint Bartholomew, we pray to you today with confidence. You are our patron and model, the pride and joy of Silver Lake.
We wish to honor you in our beautiful Church with as much devotion and faith as you are accorded in your Shrines throughout the world. Watch over our spiritual and temporal interests.
You spread Christ’s faith and truth far and wide. To this day here in Providence we live that faith and truth because our immigrant fathers enriched us with devotion toward you.
You enjoyed intimacy with the Divine Master as you listened to His words and experienced daily union with Him. Bring us closer to Christ through meditation on His Gospel and devotion to the Eucharist.
Speak for us to Christ, the Lord, that we, sons and daughters of immigrants, may journey through the pilgrimage of this life and be conducted by you to the vision of God. Amen.

297 Laurel Hill Avenue
Providence, R. L 02909-3897

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