St. Bartholomew Parish

Sacrament of Confirmation Program

"Accipe signaculum doni Spiritus Sancti"
(Be sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit)


Congratulations To Our Newly Confirmed
Marissa "Rose of Lima" Brynes
Alejandra "Maria Zavata" Caballero
Ilson "Joan of Arc" Caballero
Jackelyn "Rose of Lima" Calderon
Maria "Martin dePorres" Velazquez Contreras
Kaitlyn "Alexandra" Melfi
Fulvia "Guadalupe" Walesska Oliva
Alexis "Raphael" Piril
Isabel "Guadalupe" Romero
Yosayra "Francis of Assisi" Salas

Information &Registration

Program Moderator
Deacon Robert Gallo

Program Director
Mr. Rick Denningham

Confirmation I:
Mrs. Cindy Pastore

Confirmation II:
Mr. Rick Denningham

Secretary & Teaching Assistant:
Miss Cindy Mancini

CCD Street address
St. Bartholomew Parish Sacrament of Confirmation Preparation Program
297 Laurel Hill Avenue
Providence, Rhode Island 02909-3897

Electronic mail address

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Office FAX number

Holy Spirit,
Fill The Hearts Of Your Faithful,

And Kindle In Them The Fire Of Your Love.


........In confirmation, we are anointed with oil. And indeed, through the oil known as the 'holy Chrism' we are conformed, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to Christ, who is the only true 'anointed one' the Messiah, the Saint of God. The term 'confirmation' reminds us that this Sacrament involves growth from baptismal grace; it unites us more firmly with Christ; it completes our bond with the Church; it accords to us the special strength of the Holy Spirit in order to spread and to defend the faith, to confess the name of Christ and never to be ashamed of His Cross.

........For this reason it is important that all our children receive this Sacrament. We are all concerned about baptising them, but perhaps less so with regard to confirmation, and therefore they remain at a halfway point, and do not receive the Holy Spirit that gives us the strength to go forward in Christian life. Therefore, it is important to provide a good preparation for Confirmation, aiming to lead them towards personal adhesion to faith in Christ and to reawaken in them a sense of belonging to the Church.

........Confirmation, like every Sacrament, is not the work of men, but rather the work of God, Who takes care of our lives in order to mould us in the image of His Son, to make us able to love like Him. He infuses us with the Holy Spirit, whose action pervades the whole person and all of life, as is shown by the Seven Gifts that Tradition, in the light of the Sacred Scriptures, has always made clear: Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel (Right Judgement), Knowledge, Fortitude (Courage), Piety (Reverence) and Fear of the Lord (Wonder and Awe in God's Presence). When we welcome the Holy Spirit into our hearts and allow it to act, Christ Himself is made present in us and takes form in our lives; through us, it will be He Who prays, forgives, brings hope and consolation, serves our brothers, is close to the needy and the abandoned, Who creates unity and sows peace.

Holy Father Pope Francis

From Program Moderator Deacon Robert Gallo:

Dear Parents,
........Here at St. Bartholomew’s we follow the Diocesan 2 year preparation program which will begin each year in October and run through April.
........Faithful weekend Mass attendance is required as preparation to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, and is a must for a good Catholic. All candidates will be attending class at 10:00 am on Sunday mornings followed by the 11:30 am Mass, which is an extension of the class. Occasionally, in the event of Mass attendance at another Catholic church, the candidate should have the parish bulletin of the church which he or she attended, signed by the Priest there and returned to the teacher.
........As is always the case in Religious Education, the full cooperation of every family is essential and will be greatly appreciated.
........As moderator of the program, I will always be available to answer any of your questions or concerns by contacting the Parish office.

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Rev. Mr. Robert L. Gallo
Deacon Assistant
Moderator of Confirmation Sacramental Program

Confirmation Schedule - 2014 - 2015
All Confirmation Classes will be held in St. Bartholomew Rectory Meeting Rooms on Sunday Mornings from 10:00 to 11:00 am, followed by the Recitation of the Holy Rosary and 11:30 am Mass in Church, unless otherwise noted.



CONFIRMATION DATE - @ 3PM - Cathedral of SS Peter & Paul, Providence, RI

In the event that a class will be missed (only 3 allowed per year) call your Instructor before 9:00AM - DO NOT call the Rectory.
Confirmation I - Mrs. Cindy Pastore @ 942-8741
Confirmation II - Mr. Rick Denningham @ 463-6962

In the event of snow or stormy weather, please check the class Web Page:
or call Mr. Rick Denningham @ 463-6962; Mrs. Pastore @ 942-8741. DO NOT call the Rectory.

Confirmation I & II CANDIDATE Requirements

• All Candidates must be at least in Grade Eight and have received the Sacraments of Baptism, Penance & Holy Eucharist

• Must clearly understand that the Sacrament of Confirmation “perfects Baptismal Grace” and is the completion of Christian Initiation which took place at Baptism.

• Successfully complete class, Mass and Program attendance requirements as listed on the Program Schedule and pass a test on basic Catholic doctrine. More than THREE ABSENCES from Sunday morning class & Mass or other Program requirements will result in repeating the year, unless there is a serious medical or family reason approved by Deacon Gallo.
Modest dress when fulfilling program requirements is required at all times.
Candidates dressed immodestly will be sent home to change and return to class or marked absent. Examples of immodest attire: shorts, ripped/graffiti covered clothing, low cut pants or tops, slippers, shower shoes.
Because Candidates will be attending Holy Mass, outerwear should not contain the names of singers, sports figures, etc.

• Submit a BAPTISM CERTIFICATE at the time of Registration, excluding those Baptized in our Parish. If this was not possible at Registration, the certificate must be given by SUNDAY, OCTOBER in order for the candidate to continue in the Sacramental program.

• Take part in the Candidate Commitment Ceremony on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER. This ceremony tells the Parish community that you wish to be a candidate for Confirmation and will assume responsibility for your actions. (Confirmation I Candidates only)

• Participate in a Parish Baptism Ceremony on (Date to be announced). Each Candidate will be required to write-up their understanding of the ceremony. (Confirmation I Candidates only)

• Attend Advent Reconciliation Service on TUESDAY, DECEMBER.

• Attend the “Evening with Deacon Gallo” on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY with both Parents & Sponsor.

• Participate in the class visit to “Morgan Health Center” on MONDAY NIGHT, FEBRUARY .

• Complete 10 hours of Parish Community Service by SUNDAY, MARCH and remain after Mass for the “Stations of the Cross on that date. (ALL Candidates)

• Attend Lenten Reconciliation Service on TUESDAY, APRIL .

• Attend the Candidates Recollection Day on SUNDAY, MAY with both Parents & Sponsor.

• Submit a SPONSOR CERTIFICATE by SUNDAY, NOVEMBER . Each Candidates Sponsor must obtain a Sponsor Certificate from his/her own Parish Priest (Church stamp is required) stating that he/she is a practicing Catholic who attends Sunday Mass faithfully, and, who - if married - is married in the Catholic Church.
• Write a letter to the Bishop requesting reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation. This letter will be written during a Confirmation class.

Sponsor Certificates:
One of the wonderful privileges of being a practicing Roman Catholic and belonging to a parish as a worshiping member of a "Faith Community" is the ability to represent the Catholic Church at the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation. Sponsor certificates, therefore, are given only to practicing Catholics by the pastor of the Church where they attend Mass each Sunday. Your parish priests do not have the authority to award these certificates to persons who do not worship here, or to persons whose parents or grandparents worship here. Having been baptized at Saint Bartholomew Church or having attended school here does not make you a parishioner or a member of the "Faith Community" of this parish. Remember that being a "Sponsor" at a Sacrament makes you a proper representative of the Catholic Church. If you do not go to Mass or practice your Catholic faith, the role of representative would be inappropriate for you. How could you ever represent a group in which you no longer participate?

Confirmation SPONSOR Requirements
Sponsors at Confirmation represent the believing Christian Community. Thus it is required that they be a practicing Catholic in good standing with the Church, who have themselves received the Sacraments of Initiation, which are Baptism, Holy Eucharist and Confirmation and have reached the age of 16.

If they are married, they must have been validly married in the Church. The Code of Canon Law states they must lead... .“a life in harmony with faith and the role to be undertaken.. .and will help the baptized to lead a Christian life in harmony with Baptism, and to fulfill faithfully the obligations connected with it.”

Remember that being a "Sponsor" at a Sacrament makes you a proper representative of the Catholic Church. If someone does not go to Mass or practice their Catholic faith, the role of representative would be inappropriate for them. How could someone ever represent a group in which they no longer participate? Candidates can avoid hurting the feelings of family and friends by not choosing a person who cannot fulfill these basic requirements for a godparent or sponsor.

Sponsor Certificate must be submitted to your teacher at your first class in November.

It is never too early to begin the process of choosing your Sponsor.
You may choose only 1 Sponsor.
You may wish to consider one of your Baptismal Godparents or another family member or family friend when deciding.
Use the above guidelines and talk with your parents.

Confirmation Mass - Attire For Candidates and Sponsors:

Suit or Sport Jacket and Dress Pants (NO JEANS)
Dress Shirt and Tie
Dress Socks and Dress Shoes (NO SNEAKERS)

Dress, Dress Skirt and Blouse, Pant Suit or Dress Pants and Blouse
Chest, Back and Shoulders MUST be covered.
Dress Shoes

---When fixing hair, your forehead must be uncovered for Anointing from the Bishop.
---Please use MODESTY in choosing your outfit.

are needed to help the instructors of the adolescent Confirmation Sacrament Program on Sunday mornings.
The Program runs October through April.
Training will be provided. Please call Mr. Rick Denningham at 463-6962 or the parish office at 944-4466.

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