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22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 30th, 2015

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In an age of the Ebola virus and other communicable diseases, the criticism of Jesus’ disciples’ failure to keep the purity laws does not seem so “nit-picky.” The importance of washing hands and not spreading germs must influence our behavior, not only when visiting hospitals or taking the cup during the Eucharist. But while the purity laws found in the Torah were there for the common good, Jesus is moving the issue to a deeper level that concerns the health of our spirit. What makes our soul sick? The bottom line is found in His final words. What renders a person unclean, what truly defiles a person, comes from within, the sickness found in the human heart. For Jesus, the heart is the control center of the human person, the source of all thoughts, desires, decisions, and values. The Letter of James calls us to “Humbly welcome the word (of God) that has been planted in you and is able to save your souls” and to “Be doers of the word and not hearers only” (1:21b, 22). What do we allow to dwell in our hearts and shape our attitudes and actions in the world?

What is the RCIA Process:
The Rite of Christian initiation of Adults dates back to the early days of Christianity in the life of the Church. It is a process of education and formation in the way of the Catholic faith.
Who is the RCIA Process for?
Those persons who are un-churched or un-baptized, single or married, adults (over 18 years of age), who wish to become part of the Roman Catholic Church.
Baptized non-Catholics who have shown an interest in becoming a Roman Catholic.
Un-churched Catholics baptized but never raised in a Catholic way of life so they have never received the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Communion or Confirmation.
Those adults who have not practiced their faith for years and would like to begin again by being updated in the ways of the Church.
Anyone who is interested in learning more about the Catholic faith and the RCIA process, please call the Parish Office at 944-4466. Registration and orientation will be held in the fall.
Grades 1 to 8
Registration will be held on Saturday, September 12 and Saturday, September 19th from 10:00 am to 11:30 am in the Rectory Meeting Room. A copy of the child’s BAPTISM CERTIFICATE MUST be provided to attend CCD Classes; unless the child was baptized in St. Bartholomew Church. First Communion Classes will begin on Saturday, September 26th. First Communion is a two-year program, students must have completed first year CCD Classes before entering the First Communion Class. Students in grades 1 to 8 will begin CCD Classes on Saturday, October 17th. All students MUST have attended Registration before beginning classes. For information, please call the Parish Office at 944-4466.

FIRST COMMUNION CLASSES—Preparations to receive the sacrament of First Holy Communion in our parish is a two-year program. All students must have completed first year CCD classes. ALL children MUST register to be able to attend First Communion classes.

The Scalabrini Dukcevich Center will sponsor a FARMERS’ MARKET on Sunday, September 13th from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Center across the street from our church. WIC, EBT, senior coupons, and credit cards will be accepted and vouchers for seniors. There will be plenty of fresh fruit and produce and fun activities for children. All are welcome!

ALL parishioners and friends are encouraged to attend our parish OLDIES DANCE to be held on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th AT 6:30 pm in the Church Hall. Enjoy A Hot Buffet and great entertainment by DJ Bobby Brown. Ticket donation is $25.00 and are available at the parish office or from committee members. PLAN NOW TO ATTEND!

Everyone is invited to the Prayer Shawl Ministry and may participate in many ways. Those who are suffering from a chronic illness or surgery may have a Prayer Shawl prepared for them. Please participate by attending the monthly meeting, or giving yarn or monetary donations. For information please call Rosalie at 274-7806. The members of the Prayer Shawl Ministry will get together next Saturday, September 5th at 2:00 pm in the Rectory Meeting Room. All are welcome. Thank you to all who are contributing to this beautiful ministry.


22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 30th, 2015

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(Every Mass is offered for the faithful, living or dead. However the following are specifically remembered this week.)
Monday, August 31
7:30 am - Intentions of Priest Celebrant
7:00 pm - Mass in Spanish
Tuesday, September 1
7:30 am - For the Intentions of Parishioners
6:00 pm - Eucharistic Adoration
7:00 pm - Novena Devotions & Benediction
Wednesday, September 2
7:30 am - Teresa Feula by husband
Thursday, September 3
7:30 am - St. Gregory the Great
Friday, September 4
7:30 am - For the Intentions of Parishioners
Saturday, September 5
8:00 am - Domenico & Rosa Laudato by
Mrs. Giuseppe Laudato
2:00 pm - WEDDING: Santiago Giron &
Rosa Maria Gomez
5:00 pm - Richard J. Denningham, Sr.
by wife & children
6:30 pm - Mass in Spanish
September 6—23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
8:00 am - Giuseppe Laudato by Andy & Rosalie
9:30 am - Mass in Spanish
11:30 am - Stephen Sperduti &
Michele Cobiel Sperduti

Sanctuary Candle: For the Health of David Black
by mom and dad
Altar Bread & Wine: For the Health of David Black
by mom and dad

Thank you for your generosity!
September 6 —Diocesan Youth Ministry
September 13—Church Roof Fund
September 20—Priests’ Retirement
September 27—Extraordinary Parish

Our parish will be taking a collection on the weekend of September 5th & 6th to support Youth Ministry in our Diocese. Through the work of the Youth Centers, Mother of Hope Camp, Catholic Scouting, and Catholic Athletics, opportunities are provided for the youth of this area. Spiritual formation, leadership training, athletic, and social events are provided for all. Please be generous, the young people of today need us to share our faith and our support. Thank you.
Tuesday, September 1
Rosary & Chaplet of Divine Mercy after 7:30 am Mass
6:00 pm - Eucharistic Adoration
7:00 pm - Novena Devotions & Benediction
Thursday, September 3
10:00 am - Legion of Mary, RH
Saturday, September 5
2:00 pm - Prayer Shawl Ministry, RH
4:15-4:45 pm - Confession
Sunday, September 6
Second Collection: Diocesan Youth Ministry

What Our Lord Asks Is
Not Equal Gifts—But Equal Sacrifice
(logo from Increase Giving Campaign)
Weekend of August 15—16
Envelopes & Loose Collection: $3,306.00
Second Collection: Extraordinary
Parish Expenses 1,074.00
Total Income: $4,380.00
Our sincere thanks to all those making our
Increase Giving Campaign possible.

Jesus is not one to soften His message. This is especially true as He speaks of the cost of discipleship. There are no halfway measures: following Jesus is an all-consuming vocation. Jesus warns against half hearted disciples: their lives give one message and their words give another. We are invited to be aware of the cost of discipleship, the cross, and become true disciples of Christ.

Saturday, September 5
5:00 pm Mary Anne Cullen
Sunday, September 6
8:00 am Domenic Nascenzi
11:30 am Rosanna Grillo

Saturday, September 5
5:00 pm Judy Turini
Sunday, September 6
8:00 am Ray Funaro
11:30 am Peter Marinucci

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