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Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

What is it?


RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) is:

v      a process for people who are searching, who have never been baptized and wish to become Catholic. 

v      the process appropriate for people who were baptized – either as Catholic or Protestant – and who want to enter into a living faith in God as a member of the Catholic community.


The reasons people are initially attracted to the Church are as varied as the inquirers themselves.  Yet all those who begin this journey of faith share a desire to establish a relationship with God within a community of faith.  This initiation of adults into the Catholic faith is a gradual process that varies from one individual to the next.  The process takes place within the community of the faithful and each one’s journey is a personal time of growth in faith and in relationship.  There are four periods in the process, each one corresponding to a person’s growth in faith:

1.      Precatechumenate,

2.      Catechumenate,

3.      Purification and Enlightenment,

4.      Mystagogy

(See descriptions of these periods by clicking the appropriate menu on the left).  Individuals’ movement from one period to the next is marked by a special liturgical celebration.


Who Should Consider the RCIA?


1.      The RCIA is intended primarily for unbaptized adults who seek to enter the Church and who will receive the three sacraments of initiation: baptism, confirmation and eucharist. 

2.      The RCIA also is appropriate for the formation of baptized Catholics who never received any religious education or who have not received the sacraments of confirmation and eucharist. 

3.      The RCIA also is appropriate for adults baptized in other Christian churches who wish to become Catholic.


How do People Begin the RCIA Process?


Anyone interested in entering this initiation process, or anyone who simply has questions regarding the RCIA may contact Rita St.Pierre, the RCIA Coordinator, via email at saints1972us@yahoo.com.




Ministries of RCIA

Because the RCIA is a gradual process that takes place within the community, the primary minister of the RCIA is the community itself.

All the people of God share the responsibility for supporting those on this journey of faith.  There are a number of ways the members of the community exercise their ministry:  hospitality and a welcoming spirit, sharing one’s own journey of faith, praying for those on the RCIA journey, and a full, conscious and active participation in the weekly liturgy and the special liturgical rites.


Specialized Ministries

There are specialized ministries within the RCIA: sponsors and catechists. 

Sponsors are chosen from the community for those embarking on this journey of faith. Sponsors serve as their companions on the journey, sharing their own faith and offering support, as they grow closer to God and to the community. 

Catechists aid in the ongoing formation through weekly teaching from the Sunday’s readings.  Catechists share the Church’s teachings on various topics and witness to their own faith and insights gained through prayer, reflection and the study of Scripture. 

We offer sponsors and catechists any training and support they may need, and that in turn helps them minister to those journeying in the RCIA.  Prior training or experience is not required for the specialized ministries, but only a faithful response to the call to serve.

If you do feel called to serve in one of the specialized ministries of the RCIA, or if you have any questions, please contact Rita St.Pierre, RCIA Coordinator, via email at saints1972us@yahoo.com.


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