50 Years of Catholic Presence in Pawtucket


Jan 1 thru Jan 9,2005
Jan 15 thru Jan 23,2005
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Philosophy and Mission

The purpose of St. Maria Goretti Religious Education is to help parents and other parishioners to be involved in substantive ways in the formal introduction of the children into the way of life which we call Catholic Christianity.  God is at the center of all we do, and we are led by Jesus Christ, with the graces of the Holy Spirit.



     Each child is a beloved child of God and will be treated with respect and consideration for all his/her gifts and talents.

     Each student is expected to treat all other students and all adult volunteers with equal respect and concern for their needs and gifts.

     Any child that does not act with this respect will be asked to sit with the director and discuss the reasons for the inappropriate behavior.

     If there are 3 such discussions, the director will call the parents/guardians for a conference.


Books and Assignments

     Grades 1 - 6 are given textbooks with which to work during class time and to bring home to review with parent/s, guardian/s.

     It is essential that all textbooks are brought to class each week to assure the child of having the proper tools to learn.

     Grades 7 - Confirmation II will be working with a curriculum that is interactive.  All materials will be distributed as needed.  A Bible should be brought to class each week. A notebook and pen or pencil is helpful.



     Calendars will be given at the start of the school year with all planned classes and events.

     If a student is ill and is unable to attend class, a parent or guardian is asked to phone the Religious Ed. Ctr. before the start of classes to notify of this absence. (729-5713)

     If we are not notified of a child’s absence, the family will be called to ensure that the child is safe.

     In the event of a major illness or family emergency, please contact the director to make arrangements to continue with home study.

Class Days and Times

     Grades 1 - 6 - Mon. or Tues., 5:30 - 6:30p

     Grades 7 & 8 Sundays as assigned 6 - 8 p

     Grades 9 & 10, Sundays as assigned, 6-8p,  and service projects and retreats as scheduled.

Cancellation due to weather

     If weather conditions become unsafe, cancellations will be announced on the following radio stations: 630 (WPRO-AM),92.3 (WPRO-FM, 105.1 (WWLI-FM), 99.7 (WXEX-FM)M AND 100.3 (WHKK-FM). Please listen for this announcement if the weather is bad.

     If you feel that the weather is unsafe, it is certainly understandable for you to call and say that your child/ren will not be attending due to weather conditions.

     If there is NO public school in Pawtucket due to weather conditions, classes are automatically canceled.



$30 for one student, $55 for 2 students, $75 for 3 or more students.  These fees help cover the costs of texts, materials, and speakers, due on or before October 20.

      Supplemental  fees as follows:

                                    $10 to help cover the costs of extra books,  materials and retreats for grade 2 and Confirmation I & II in their preparation for  sacraments

     No CHILD will be turned away from religious education due to financial difficulty.  Please speak with either the director or pastor.  


All classes will be held in the Msgr. Delaney Faith Learning Center (FLC) found in the Church Hall

Entrance for grades 1- 6 will be by  way of the glass doors at the lower parking lot.  Grades 7 - 10 enter through the metal doors into the FLC

  Students are asked to treat the facility with respect and care.

Traffic flow

     All students in grades 1 - 6 must be brought into class and picked up by an adult caretaker approved by the child’s parent/s or guardian/s.

     Please park in the upper parking lot (do not park in the fire lane, per state law!) and exercise great caution both during the start and close of classes.  Children are not always careful of cars, but WE must be careful of children.

     Student in grades 7 and up are dismissed directly from class to exit and meet family as is prearranged by the family.

Parents’ Involvement:

     Classroom and special event volunteers

     Office help

     Feedback is always needed from all parents

     Catechists and classroom aides     

     Parents’ Advisory Board - this Board was suspended last year due to many reasons, but it is hoped that we can re-establish this board as a guide for the program in areas of curriculum planning and social interaction of families.