Quotes of the Ordinaries of Philadelphia

The Seal of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Erected: April 8, 1808 by Pope Pius VII

Made a Metropolitan See: March 15, 1875 by Pope Pius IX

The Most Reverend Francis Patrick Kenrick: (Coadjutor: 1830-1842; Third Bishop of Philadelphia:1842-1851; Archbishop of Baltimore 1851-1863; died 1863.)

Motto: Gloria Deo; pax hominibus (Glory to God; peace to men)

Quote: "with me you may marvel at the mysterious designs of God and pray that I may prove myself worthy of them. I ask myself frequently in my thoughts: 'Who am I, and what is my house, that Thou givest such things to me?'" (to his brother, the Archbishop of St. Louis, on being appointed Archbishop of Baltimore.)

Saint John Nepoumecene Neumann, C.SS.R.: (Fourth Bishop of Philadelphia: 1852-1860; Beatified: 1963; Canonized: 1977)

Motto: Passion of Christ, strengthen me

Quote: "Lord, give me holiness." (from his First Mass.)

His Eminence Dennis Cardinal Dougherty, D.D., S.T.D.: (Eighth Ordinary and Fourth Archbishop of Philadelphia: 1918-1951; Cardinal: 1921)

Quotes: "All discipline is in vain unless you have discipline of the soul." (to the students of St. Charles Borromeo Seminary.)

"After God I owe what I am to the Holy See". (On His Eminence's Silver Jubilee as a Bishop)

"A seminarian should be without a will of his own and should conform himself in all things to the will of his superior. He should be like a cane in the hands of a blind man, which bends to every motion of the hand." (from one of his commencement addresses.)

His Eminence John Cardinal O'Hara, C.S.C.: (Ninth Ordinary and Fifth Archbishop of Philadelphia: 1951-1960; Cardinal: 1958)

Motto: Ipsam sequens non devias (If you follow her, you will not go astray)

Quote: "No, I want to go to Heaven." (his last words, responding to a sister who said the doctor would let him go home and rest.)

His Eminence John Cardinal Krol, D.D., J.C.D.: (Tenth Ordinary and Sixth Archbishop of Philadelphia: 1961-1988 (Retired); Cardinal 1967; died: 1996)

Motto: Deus Rex Meus (God is my King)

Quotes: "The past is prologue. The present and future are subject to the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit. (Presidential Address, NCCB/USCC, 1972)

"The priesthood cannot be considered a profession; it is a ministry." (to his first Council of Priests.)

"You have a responsibility to the Church- to help it do God's work." (Baccalaureate Address, Franciscan University of Stubenville, 1967.)

"Let your thoughts be the thoughts of Christ; let your words be the words of Christ; let your actions be the actions of Christ; let your motive in all that you think, or say, or do be the love of Christ." (processional address, Forty-First Eucharistic Congress, 1976.)

"I sometimes like to picture the existence of the Church as the existence of the moon - sometimes it's full, sometimes it's half, sometimes it's quarter - but it's there." (in an interview on his Silver Jubilee as Archbishop of Philadelphia)

His Eminence

Anthony Cardinal Bevilacqua

Tenth Ordinary and Sixth Metropolitan Archbishop of Philadelphia of the Latins

Motto: Ecclesia Mater Nostra (The Church, Our Mother)

Born: June 17, 1923

Ordained: June 11, 1949

Auxiliary Bishop of Aquae Albae and Auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn: 

November 24, 1980

Bishop of Pittsburgh: December 11, 1983

Archbishop of Philadelphia: February 11, 1988

Cardinal Priest of the Church of Saint Alphonsus: June 28, 1991

Quotes: "To be Christ to others is the vocation of all of us." (from the homily at his enthronement as Archbishop.)

"Be courageous, be 'fools for Christ'." (To the students of St. Charles Borromeo Seminary.)

On the Office of Bishop: "he is to be with the people. He is prophet-teacher, priest-sanctifier, king-administrator. The bishop should be less and less the king and more and more the teacher." (from the homily at the installation of Monsignor Charles Devlin as Vicar for Philadelphia-North.)

"We are always, always, to be evangelizers." (in an interview with The Catholic Standard & Times.)

"The first task of the bishop is to be a shepherd. If a shepherd is going to be a successful shepherd then he must be among his flock and the flock includes everyone- the laity, Religious, the priest, the deacons. He must be out among the people." (CS&T interview)

"I feel completely revitalized. Whether it is the Grace of God or spaghetti and meatballs, I don't know, maybe both." (CS&T)

"I rejoice because of the unity with the Holy Father and because of my love for him." (upon receiving the pallium)

Compiled by Rocco Palmo

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